Cocktails & Control: Leading Technology Meets Modern Mixology


Cocktails & Control: Leading Technology Meets Modern Mixology

secret spot in sunny Arizona, 36 Below is a reimagined, modern Scottsdale speakeasy full of classy cocktails, modern mixology, and a Guinness Book of World Record award-winning bartender. The watering hole hidden below a coffee shop offers the ideal vibe for a decadent drink + feast worthy food with friends and a trendy aesthetic for a social media photoshoot to remember it by, but it’s 36 Below’s technology components that make it stand out even further. lifeSimple Technology Solutions, an ELAN® Control Systems dealer signed on to the job fully equipped and ready to elevate the experience.

“This client came to us for a complete system where a bartender could operate the entire speakeasy’s AV, elaborate ambiance lighting, water fountains and security,” said Thomas. “With the touch of a single button, the ELAN system can set up every scene – like cleaning and prepping or welcoming customers. The owners didn’t want to have people running around flipping each individual light switch or un-arming the security system manually.”



With the ELAN system, everything comes together and is literally a button press for simple scenes made for the bartenders to set the mood. 36 Below is jammed every single night and the cocktails are off the charts.”

— Nathan Thomas| lifeSimple Technology Solutions