4K HDMI Distribution Solutions

Nice/ELAN presents true 4K HDMI distribution systems with simple discovery for fast configuration and seamless integration with Nice/ELAN systems.

Matrices, Splitters and Switchers

Nice/ELAN Matrix, Splitters and Switchers deliver the range of industry leading features expected for today’s whole home audio and video installations. Our HDMI distribution system integrates easily with your custom entertainment setup.


The Nice/ELAN HDBaseT Extender family delivers the full range of features expected from HDBaseT, including 5PLAY technology.

Matrices, Splitters and Switchers

Whether you have one video source or multiples, we have the solution for you. A switch directs display to your video source whether that be a TV or computer. An HDMI splitter takes one HDMI line and splits it into two outputs. The HDMI matrix can combine the benefits of having a splitter and a switch enabling you to run multiple signals to several devices.