Arkansas Professional Couple Enjoy Full Home Automation

When you’re the founder and president of multiple successful companies – including one involved in industrial manufacturing – you understand the importance of control. That’s why, when it came time to outfit their 10,000 square foot main home, surrounding property, and 2,000 square foot pool house with an integrated whole-home audio/video and automation system, a Jonesboro, Arkansas, couple turned to Ryan Heringer of Sound Concepts and the Nice/ELAN entertainment and control home automation system.


What started as a standalone whole-home audio/video and control installation, quickly expanded to include their son’s house, their retail business, and eventually, their airplane hangar.  “We often see this with clients who own multiple properties,” said Heringer. “They experience the seamless whole-home automation offered by Nice/ELAN in one property and decide to extend the system to every part of their lives. This installation is a classic example of the smart home trend.”

“From the home office to an enclosed patio, breakfast room and art gallery, each room in this home is highly tailored to the design preferences of the couple– it’s no cookie-cutter McMansion,” said Heringer. “However, while the themed rooms make the home a design success, it’s the seamless integration of Nice/ELAN-controlled smart audio/video technology throughout every one of these themed rooms that makes the home a functional success.

To easily control it all, including the home’s smart climate, automated lighting, and security system, the couple uses both the Nice/ELAN g! mobile device app and an arsenal of Nice/ELAN remotes and control panels, which includes thirteen HR2 handheld remotes, twelve wall-mounted Nice/ELAN touch panels and one tabletop touchscreen system controller. According to the homeowners, the idea that the pool house’s audio/video technology could be controlled by the same system as the main house was a substantial selling point for Nice/ELAN.




So I love the idea that I can go into my Nice/ELAN home automation system and see how efficiently our energy systems are working. ”

— Kim Erle, Homeowner and Energy Professional