Redefining Audio For All Rooms + Spaces

Award-winning IP-Enabled Audio Distribution

The new ELAN® IP-Enabled Multi-Room Audio System, featuring Dante® audio networking, is the next generation of Multi Zone Audio – delivering exceptional quality with the flexibility to scale from a single chassis to multiple chassis and up to 64 zones. The comprehensive line includes a Multi-Zone Audio Matrix, Multi-Zone Audio Extender, Multi-Zone Pre-Amp Audio Matrix, Local Audio Source Preamp and a Network Audio Card.

Innovative Audio Technology

Dante® audio networking uses standard IP networks to transmit high-quality, uncompressed audio with near-zero latency. It’s the most reliable, audio networking solution available, and provides low cost of ownership by dramatically reducing cabling and labor costs.



Flexible, Expandable

Deliver audio using a single cable! This allows for fast and easy setup, bringing you a market advantage. The system is designed with flexibility in mind to provide a single chassis solution or easily scale to multiple chassis and sources that can be placed in locations where they make the most installation sense. More options give you the flexibility to meet more of your customers’ needs, making this a more profitable solution for your company.

Simplify + Satisfy

Multi-room audio requires long speaker cable runs leading back to an equipment rack with any sources typically placed in close proximity. Thanks to the ELAN® IP Amplifiers and the ability to easily accommodate decentralized installations, this is no longer the case. Sources and amplifiers can now be placed wherever they make the most sense within the home or building. Lower cabling cost and installation time helps your projects deliver on time and on budget.

Single Chassis?

The EL-IPD-MTX-8CH Multi Zone Audio Matrix is an ideal audio matrix solution for use in single chassis mode As a single chassis solution, it can support up to 13 input sources including a doorbell input from an ELAN System Controller. 8 speaker channels and 4 preamp outputs are available for a total of up to 12 zones. Lip sync correction, a 5-band EQ, and loudness control can be applied to each zone.

The EL-IPD-PRE-MSI is perfect in single chassis mode paired with external amplifiers to support up 12 zones with 23 input sources and 12 preamp outputs

Make the ELAN Control Connection.

We’ve designed this audio solution from the ground up to be effortless to install and use with your ELAN intelligent control systems. Connecting multiple chassis is as easy as connecting them to the network. And with ELAN Discovery software, configuration is simple to install.