5 Reasons Nice/ELAN® Control Systems Are Customized to Suit Every Application

August 2, 2021

Continuing our series on why Nice/ELAN® systems are the best-in-class for commercial control systems, let’s look at one of the biggest benefits to choosing Nice/ELAN products for your commercial business: How each control package is customized to cater to every application.  

The unique capability of an Nice/ELAN system is that every business space gets exactly what it needs, optimized for everything from commercial business and entertainment venue needs. Know when customers arrive; visually verify and grant them access. Incorporate and control displays, digital signage and entertainment in lobbies and waiting rooms. Even align touch panels to match staff requirements and décor. 

  • Customizable UI options for your control screen, with options available for simple to power-user control screens. 
  • Users can walk up to their Nice/ELAN panel and activate face recognition by touch or a wave of the hand within close proximity. 
  • Customize backgrounds with your brand logo or photos.
  • Leverage a Floorplan view to access and control a room, building or entire campus with one button press.


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