A Must See: TRIPhase Technologies Opens New High-End Showroom

August 5, 2020

The much-anticipated, fully renovated, 28,000-square-foot facility in Zionsville, Ind., is ready for its big reveal. Robert Haecker and his wife Shanna Haecker, owners of TRIPhase Technologies, moved into the new building in January 2019 and have been hard at work on a massive renovation that is now ready to welcome guests for a one-of-a-kind experience.

“Our new showroom is perfect for customers who are building a new home or those who just want to see the latest in technology, lighting, sound and interior design,” said Robert. “Seeing is really believing in this new space.”

The majority of TRIPhase’s work includes high-end residential installations, however, about 20 percent of their business comes from commercial clients. The new facility, which features an 8,000-square-foot showroom, highlights everything a consumer could dream of in a fully automated smart home (or office) environment.

The Nice/ELAN® 12-inch Intelligent Touch Panel is used to control the Interior Design Area in the new, luxurious showroom.

ELAN® Control Systems in the Design Center

The Nice/ELAN® control platform is a featured product within the showroom and is included in many rooms throughout the new space. These various spaces allow consumers to see the possibilities for smart technology in real-time through the scenario of their choice. The design center features an impressive 21 different rooms. Nice/ELAN, Panamax, and Xantech from Nice North America (NSC) are included in 18 of the 21 rooms including the rack room, theater, kitchen, media room, and more!

In the rack room, customers will find the ELAN SC-100 System Controller as a single point of control and automation for all media, climate, lighting and more. The new ELAN Digital IP-Enabled Multi-Room Audio System featuring Dante® Technology including Multi Zone Audio Extender and Network Audio Card are featured as well as our Network Video Recorder preinstalled with 2 terabytes of storage for surveillance use and playback of multiple cameras.

The theater includes an ELAN gSC10 g! System Controller with a faster CPU, more memory, and flexible connectivity for simple integration. The HR30 Wi-Fi Handheld Remote Control with charging station is used for effortless whole system control with instant feedback and an intuitive user interface. For climate in the theater, the ELAN 8820 Wi-Fi Touchscreen Thermostat with Humidity Control is installed to balance all aspects of indoor air quality.

There is an entire gallery within the showroom featuring Nice/ELAN products, including our 12-inch Intelligent Touch Panel with IntelliVision® facial recognition, which can also be found in the kitchen and bar, for simple whole room control and automation! The gallery includes our thermostat, system controllers, and handheld remotes too.

Not only do the Haeckers use Nice/ELAN products to demo for clients, but the entire showroom is automated by an Nice/ELAN system. With the simple touch of a button, the Nice/ELAN® intelligent touch panel switches between different lighting scenes, which allows users to set the mood and tone around the showroom.

Panamax® and Xantech® products are utilized in the Speaker Demo Gallery to provide clean power and clear audio/video.

Panamax® and Xantech® Behind the Scenes

With the showroom having so many user interfaces, system controllers, video displays, and other power elements; Panamax® power products and Xantech® products play a crucial role in protecting the power and providing stunning 4K content.

Throughout the majority of the showroom, the Panamax SM3-PRO BlueBOLT Enabled System Manager with three outlets is used to protect connected equipment from power surges and dangerous voltage conditions. The system manager can be found in the Nice/ELAN and Touchscreen gallery, media room, kitchen, family room, club room, and designated outdoor living area. In addition to protecting equipment, it features AC filtration for the best electronics performance and automatically reboots when connectivity is lost.

Other Panamax products found in the design center include the BlueBOLT Controllable Power Conditioner and the 1500VA Rack Mount UPS Battery Backup which are located in the rack room and outdoor living area. Both products feature our revolutionary Automatic Voltage Monitoring (AVM), protecting equipment from damage or major component degradation by disconnecting the power and reconnecting when safe power returns.

All of this equipment needs to be connected, of course. This is where the Xantech EX Series High-Speed HDMI Cables come in handy. These HDMIs fit behind the thinnest displays and racks without compromising signal. TRIPhase uses the 2-meter and 3-meter cables to successfully connect their equipment and deliver high-quality content to their monitors and displays.

Creating a Lifestyle Showroom

The Haeckers wanted to provide their clients with the best solutions available in smart home technology. Through the experience they’ve created, and the products found in their new showroom, customers will be able to create a special atmosphere throughout their entire home. People can select the quality of their products ranging from good, better and best with the various options available.

Be sure to stop by TRIPhase Technologies’ new design center for a unique buying experience and check out the different NSC products they supply!

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