A Smart Home Automation System with Endless Integration Possibilities

August 25, 2020

We’ve gathered the “Top 5” ways Nice/ELAN® control products make your world simpler. Our smart home automation system allows you to conveniently control your home from anywhere. Part I of this series detailed our single app interface and all the benefits of controlling an entire home through one app. In Part II, we showed you how the Nice/ELAN control platform truly gives you the personalization you have been looking for. Part III of this series showcased the superior technology included in each product of ours.

Now, in Part IV of this series, we’ll touch on the connectivity and integration capabilities of the Nice/ELAN control system, which helps provide ultimate control of your smart home!

The Nice/ELAN brand from Nice North America LLC (NSC) is known throughout the world for high quality, durability and rock-solid reliability. NSC has proudly deployed over 5 million connected systems and 25 million security and home control sensors, peripherals and connected products. The chances are, you already have one of the NSC brands in your home.

The Nice/ELAN smart home automation system is engineered to work together with sister-brands for streamlined installation and service! The Nice/ELAN platform integrates seamlessly with:

Our platform works flawlessly with other systems and is built to last. We connect with virtually everything!



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