Ceiling Mounted Tvs With Ipad Control Bring Big Smiles To Orthodontist’s Office

Matthew Bail | April 10, 2014
Press Release

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, April 10, 2014 — A lot of parents know how hard it is to get a child to go to the orthodontist — let alone get them excited enough to jump right up into the chair when they get there!  But what if the orthodontist’s office had TVs on the ceiling above each chair that patients could control from an iPad while they get a check up? That’s exactly what Chad and Wendy Wilhelm did at WOW Orthodontics in Brentwood, Tennessee, and all it took to achieve this was a little help from a professional installer and the ELAN g! control system from Core Brands.

“We wanted to provide a more appealing and contemporary atmosphere for the patients, and they love it!” said Chad Wilhelm. “We believe that providing a comfortable environment for our patients is one of the most important, if not the most important thing for our business. The patients have to be comfortable and enjoy their experience for us to be successful, and with the Nice/ELAN g! system and the TVs we have set up with iPads, our young patients are always excited to hop into the chair.”

Working with Aaron Lawrence of Audio Video Elements, the Wilhelm’s were able to update their office to cater to each patient and provide a more personal experience. Using the powerful Nice/ELAN g! control system, Lawrence connected five cable boxes to six TVs that can all be controlled through the Nice/ELAN g! Mobile app on an iPad purchased just for the office.

“Hiding all the components and wires in a separate room really makes the office look highly professional, while at the same time showing that we aren’t like every other orthodontist and we want every patient to enjoy their time here,” Wilhelm continued. “Our goal is to create the brightest smiles we can, and giving kids a cool experience they won’t get anywhere else, like TVs in the ceiling, makes our jobs easier and makes the whole office a bit more fun. Plus the Nice/ELAN g! system makes it easy to use and manage all six TVs, and we can even turn on or shut off the whole system at once with special ‘Hello’ and ‘Goodbye’ buttons in the g! app.”

The office has four examination chairs, which each have their own 32” Samsung LED TVs mounted in the ceiling above, and an additional 32” and 40” TV are wall-mounted in the waiting room. Throughout the office six Niles CM610 speakers provide premium audio, which can be used to play music or the TV sound, depending what the patients want to listen to. According to Aaron Lawrence, unique installations like this help businesses separate from their competition and can really change how customers perceive a business.

“Now that the price of a control system has dropped below $3,000 it’s a no brainer to create cool installations like I did at WOW Orthodontics,” Lawrence said. “The Wilhelm’s wanted the TVs in the ceiling, but they didn’t know how they should control and manage six TVs.  When I showed them how easy it was to control multiple TVs and speakers with the Nice/ELAN g! iPad app they realized a control system was the way to go, and the low cost of installation compared to other control systems made it an easy sell. It’s fun for me to work on unique projects, and I hope that more businesses realize the value of sophisticated AV systems that keep customers coming back.”