Classic Style Meets Modern Technology In A Castle-Like Home Equipped With An Elan G! Control System

Matthew Bail | April 14, 2014
Press Release

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, April 14, 2014 — In the world of consumer technology, a few years can feel like eons because of changing standards, the introduction of new entertainment media like Blu-ray®, and major upgrades to hardware components. For the owners of a Castle-style home in Palatine, Ill., this became apparent in 2010 when they decided to expand their Nice/ELAN multi-room audio system that was installed by John Goldenne of Digital Home Technologies in 2007.

In 2010 Nice/ELAN introduced an entirely new home control system called ELAN g! that expanded upon the success of its previous platforms, offering more integration options, greater third-party component support, and what is still to this day the simplest user interface of any home control system. But the main feature this family was interested in was the HD video and audio distribution that Nice/ELAN g! System offered, which wasn’t available in 2007.

In 2010 the owners called Goldenne back to build them a professional grade home theater with a control system and high-end components including an Espon PowerLite Cinema projector, SpeakerCraft TIME Five 8 ceiling speakers, Sunfire subwoofers and amplifiers and a 110-inch Stewart Filmscreen screen. The theater is enviable, with it plush leather seats and impressive picture quality, and it even includes red velvet ropes along the aisles. With the home theater and multi-room audio completed, the family was satisfied… for just about four years.

Now in 2014 the family has incorporated downloaded music into their multi-room audio system, and they wanted to add Apple TVs as media streamers. In addition to the digital upgrade, the home’s seven-year-old in-wall touchpanels seemed out of date compared to the iPhones and iPads that have become the devices of choice, so they replaced them with new Nice/ELAN TS-7 touchpanels and in-wall docks for their iPads. Goldenne upgraded the wiring to HDMI using an Atlona HDMI matrix switcher that provides uncompressed transmission of digital audio and video throughout the house, and also installed Luxul products to increase the power and reliability of the home’s wireless network.

For now the home’s Nice/ELAN g! System manages the house-wide audio and video, but it’s ready for expansion to control lights, HVAC, garage doors, electronic door locks, security, and even irrigation and motorized window shades. Goldenne will surely be back for round four of this ongoing home technology project, and the constantly updated Nice/ELAN system will be ready for whatever the brave new world of consumer electronics has to throw at it.