Cocktails & Control: Leading Technology Meets Modern Mixology

July 6, 2022

A secret spot in sunny Arizona, 36 Below is a reimagined, modern Scottsdale speakeasy full of classy cocktails, modern mixology, and a Guinness Book of World Record award-winning bartender. The watering hole hidden below a coffee shop offers the ideal vibe for a decadent drink + feast worthy food with friends and a trendy aesthetic for a social media photoshoot to remember it by, but it’s 36 Below’s technology components that make it stand out even further.

lifeSimple Technology Solutions, an ELAN® Control Systems dealer signed on to the job fully equipped and ready to elevate the experience. Nathan Thomas, lifeSimple Technology owner, said the owners of 36 Below needed a way to control their entire lounge as easily as possible.

ELAN products are used to control audio and video entertainment, elaborate lighting, tie-in with virtual reality, and manage security powered by Nice/ELAN Control Systems’ sister brand.

Serving Simplicity

The owners of 36 Below knew they wanted two key things: a highly unique experience that guests would be wowed enough to share or stream photos and videos of the location on social media plus the ability for any bartender to control and adjust the entire system at the simple press of a button.

Highly customizable and easily personalized, Thomas and his team at lifeSimple decided Nice/ELAN products were the perfect fit for the job.

“This client came to us for a complete system where a bartender could operate the entire speakeasy’s AV, elaborate ambiance lighting, water fountains and security,” said Thomas. “With the touch of a single button, the Nice/ELAN system can set up every scene – like cleaning and prepping or welcoming customers. The owners didn’t want to have people running around flipping each individual light switch or un-arming the security system manually.”

Accomplishing a Virtual Reality Vision

Creating an immersive experience, several virtual reality (VR) screens are located around the secret garden hideaway for guests to indulge all their senses.

The different screens, according to local news outlets like Arcadia News, are designed to show images of Flagstaff, Arizona’s four seasons. A favorite town for one of the owners, each image shows seasons from a variety of spots around the city with many weather elements — like rain or snow.

To make this possible, virtual reality is run through two large computers and connected to an Nice/ELAN control system. The Nice/ELAN system is also tied in with the Hue Lighting Engine, rather than just to the bulbs so that lighting can be integrated with the VR system on each computer.

Connecting with Everything

While 36 Below’s owners wanted to create a place that isn’t easily accessible, the opposite was wanted for their smart technology and controls. The ability to connect with everything was a must.

“With the Nice/ELAN system, everything comes together and is literally a button press for simple scenes made for the bartenders to set the mood,” said Thomas. “36 Below is jammed every single night and the cocktails are off the charts.”

36 Below is a fan-favorite already, making waves with its ‘lay back and let loose’ environment. Adding to the extravagant atmosphere, technology simply provides new ways to engage every sense and make mesmerizing new memories.

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All photos courtesy of lifeSimple Technology Solutions.