Core Brands Begins Delivering Two New Elan G! System Controllers

Matthew Bail | September 11, 2014
Press Release

ELAN gSC controllers feature Nice/ELAN’s new state-of-the art control platform that delivers Linux-based architecture for faster installation, broader device compatibility, and easier operation.

DENVER< COLORADO – September 11, 2014 – Leading home automation, entertainment and control technology manufacturer, Core Brands, today announced the immediate availability of its next-generation gSC2 and gSC10 controllers for its Nice/ELAN® g! System.  The new gSC2 and gSC10 controllers are being showcased at the 2014 CEDIA EXPO.

According to Joe Lautner, Director of Control, Core Brands, both controllers incorporate a major upgrade of the award-winning Nice/ELAN Control Platform for residential and commercial markets. “Our new Linux-based platform delivers even faster performance, easier installation, broader device compatibility, and greater scalability. The new gSC Controllers integrate full control functionality that equals the Pro Functionality of the HC Series. The Nice/ELAN Control Platform provides a foundation for Core Brands’ highly competitive connected home ecosystem and continues to build its single source solution for customers in its dealer network.”

Boasting new hardware architecture driven by the super-efficient Freescale IMX Processor, the gSC2 and gSC10 are the fastest and most scalable controllers Nice/ELAN has ever produced. In fact, they are so efficient they can be powered over Ethernet (PoE) drawing less than 4W and 5W respectively.  These controllers include the intuitive Nice/ELAN configurator, which makes it easier for the installer by personalizing the system whereas other control platforms require complex programming.

“The new controllers make it easier for dealers to configure, install and support compelling whole-home entertainment and control solutions for lower overall cost opening the world of Nice/ELAN to more customers,” according to Lautner. “The new Controllers, supported by a wide range of new attach products from Core and third party integration allow dealers to scale Nice/ELAN g! to meet the requirements of the largest of projects. These new controllers are a major step forward in enabling dealers to work with one platform to meet the widest range of solutions.”

Both the gSC2 and gSC10 system controllers support applications in residential, light commercial, hospitality, and corporate environments. Both controllers operate in either master or extender mode, enabling them to scale to meet the needs of any job. Native applications control media, climate, lighting and shades, security systems, door locks, IP cameras, pool and spa, irrigation, and more. The rack-mounted gSC10 maximizes connectivity with a plethora of serial, IR, automation and relay connections for automating functions such as drapes, gates and garage doors. The gSC2 works perfectly in a structured wiring distribution center for more limited direct control while using Ethernet I/O extension from products like the Xantech XLIP. Both controllers fully support NAS drive storage of data and Network Video Recorder (NVR) content.

The new Nice/ELAN gSC2 and gSC10 controllers are part of a completely integrated and intuitive system of networked components including the new gMV88, gMV64 and gMV1616 UltraMatrix HDMI-Audio switchers also being announced at CEDIA.