Dealer Spotlight: Integrated Audio Video Brings Nice/ELAN® Systems Wherever Their Customers Need

May 12, 2021

We’re spotlighting our dealers, the folks who put our products in the hands of users and are instrumental in keeping us going. Today, we want to highlight Integrated Audio Video (IAV) and the husband-and-wife team behind it, James and Jenyse White. IAV found success in contract and commercial work, as well designing and implementing systems in luxury homes and yachts.

Located in the Hampton Roads area along the coast of Virginia, IAV has been working with, and installing, Nice North America products for a number of years, with particular specializations in Nice/ELAN® control systems. “We enjoy the ease of programming and reliability. Nice/ELAN products provide a stable platform, and we really like where they’re going with the product line,” says James.

By land and sea

Installations for Nice/ELAN systems have certainly taken Integrated Audio Video places in the commercial and residential spaces. Recently, the company completed a successful renovation and integration project for Surf Rider East Beach restaurant. Included in the project were TV control systems as well as indoor/outdoor audio speakers and cameras – all powered and controlled with Nice/ELAN controllers.

According to IAV, Nice/ELAN control systems were the preferred choice by both employees and management for this commercial business thanks to their streamlined, easy-to-use automation options, requiring little training while offering off-site access. IAV’s integration work was so successful that they plan set up seven more Surf Rider locations with similar control systems.

And they aren’t stopping on land – Integrated Audio Video has recently scaled up to implement Nice/ELAN systems, cameras, and controllers on fishing boats and yachts as well. The company recently completed work on a 58-foot Viking Yacht pleasure fishing vessel, installing a full system of Nice/ELAN AV products, cameras, remotes, and touch panels.

“An Nice/ELAN control system was a must for this large marine project,” says James. “First, I like the more  traditional approach of Nice/ELAN products and unified user interface that offers the same consistent menu on all controllers. That means anyone can pick up a remote and make the system work. But above all that, we selected Nice/ELAN control products because of the superb remote access—a vital ingredient for any successful marine installation project.”

The next level

Next month, Integrated Audio Video will move into a brand-new showroom. In the meantime, IAV will continue to bring Nice/ELAN control systems to high-end residences and commercial sites of all sizes, making them their preferred system of choice.

“We like how the Nice North America brands and robust portfolio of products play well together and deliver a user-friendly experience and uniform interface across all Nice/ELAN control devices from handheld remotes to luxury in-wall touch panels,” James states.

With the completion of their new showroom, IAV feels their success with control products from Nice/ELAN are just beginning.

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