ELAN 8.4 Home Automation Software Features New Enhancements

March 13, 2020

ELAN next generation enhancements have come to life with our latest 8.4 Software that offers new features, enhancements and usability updates. Included in upgrades are 14 new themes, advanced color selector, user-defined screen saver, night mode for Nice/ELAN touch panels and much more. 

The new Theme Editor brings user accessible Varicons™ which are Nice/ELAN icons that users can customize such as changing accent colors to match home décor or corporate brands. Nice/ELAN homeowners can now personalize nav scheme, font, button styles, button colors and more. These make 8.4 our best-ever home automation software for completely personalizing Nice/ELAN intelligent control systems.

The new software also provides support for our also new ELAN-SC100, a compact system controller that’s perfect for smaller installations or where single-point control is needed for media, climate, lighting and more. Like the Nice/ELAN g1, the SC-100 mart home system controller can be added to larger installations to extend the number of areas for control within an environment.

Plus, this new Nice/ELAN software delivers updates to integration with other products in the home and performance improvements. Nice/ELAN is always devoted to being on the forefront of intelligent control and automation for the home.