ELAN adds support for Sony AVRs

Matthew Bail | August 18, 2015

The Nice/ELAN g! 7.2 release adds drivers for Sony ES receivers. The drivers support basic source and volume control with feedback, as well as a host of advanced features like multi-zone, surround sound mode, and on-board tuner control.

Sony ES receivers support multiple zones, which can be controlled as independent zones from the Nice/ELAN g! interface, enabling a single receiver to route audio across multiple areas or rooms.

The onboard tuners with Sony ES receivers provide HD AM/FM radio that can be played in the main or secondary zones. The tuners can be controlled through the Nice/ELAN g! tuner interface and provide radio station name, program type, song title and artist to the interface when available using Radio Data System information.

Find out more about Nice/ELAN’s Sony ES AVR driver with the integration note located on the dealer site.