ELAN Begins Shipping UltraMatrix line of Multi-Zone Audio/HDMI Switchers, Making Installation Even Simpler and Faster For Installers

Matthew Bail | September 15, 2015
Press Release

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, September 15, 2015 – Underscoring its commitment to make the industry’s easiest-to-install, easiest-to-enjoy integrated entertainment control system even easier, Core Brands’ ELAN Home Systems today announced that it has begun shipping its next generation ELAN gMV64, gMV88, and gMV1616 Multi-Zone Audio/HDMI Switchers and receivers.

The ELAN UltraMatrix Switchers are designed to cut installation time and wiring runs, reduce costs and function as the most flexible HDMI switcher on the market today. The switcher provides analog, digital, HDMI and HDBaseT audio return inputs, along with analog, digital and HDMI outputs. Using integrated audio routing, installers can route audio from analog, optical SPDIF, coaxial SPDIF and HDMI inputs to analog, coaxial SPDIF or HDMI/HDBaseT outputs. It introduces the ability to designate HDMI displays as audio zones, making it perfect for media rooms and conference rooms.

The UltraMatrix offers a unique solution to UHD 4K signal distribution by allowing UHD 4K sources and streaming services to remain local to the display where they can offer their best video performance, while sending audio back to the head end where it can be routed to anywhere in the system.

“With the new ELAN UltraMatrix Switchers we are giving our dealers the opportunity to further reduce both installation time and installation costs,” said Robert Ridenour, Core Brands Control Product Manager. “Simply put, this is the most flexible, most capable HDMI switcher on the market today. And because it is built for the ELAN Control Platform, configuration is managed within the ELAN Configurator and can be completed in hours instead of days.”

Designed for smaller custom installations, the gMV64 offers 6 by 4 HDMI switching with HDBaseT output, 34 audio input paths and 20 audio output paths. To use the HDBaseT outputs, ELAN is also introducing the ELANHDRE and HDRS receivers that decodes HDBaseT, IR, serial and Ethernet signals. Each HDBaseT output requires an HDRS or HDRE receiver. The HDRE expands the functionality of the UltraMatrix including a 4-port Ethernet switch and local audio inputs. They are incredibly efficient to install and are powered through the HDBaseT wire.

For larger custom installations, ELAN offers the gMV88 and gMV1616. The gMV88 is a 8 by 8 HDMI switcher with HDBaseT output, 56 audio input paths and 40 audio output paths, while the gMV1616, the largest of the UltraMatrix line, is a 16 by 16 HDMI switcher with HDBaseT output, 72  audio input paths and 64 audio output paths.

The complete ELAN UltraMatrix line will be on display at the CEDIA Expo, in the Core Brands Booth, #4128.