Elan G! Gives Brooklyn Couple One-Touch Access To Breathtaking City Skyline Views

Matthew Bail | January 16, 2014
Press Release

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, January 16, 2014 — When a self-made artist manager who manages a dozen top indie acts chose to live in Brooklyn, New York, he knew his home would be a hot spot for client meetings and parties. And when moving to a trendy new condo building in New York’s trendiest borough, it was important for him and his wife to take the home to the next level with carefully considered interior design and advanced home technologies. By integrating their lighting, climate controls, audio, video and motorized window shades into the ELAN g! control system, this couple can relax like never before.

The couple decorated the home with portraits of music legends, beautiful artwork, unique wallpapers and custom furniture. But what makes it the perfect place to host guests is the integrated control system that lets them control much of their home from the ELAN g!Mobile iPad app. With a few simple taps and swipes on their iPad or iPhones, the owner and his wife can turn on music and TV in any room (even the bathrooms), activate a lighting ‘scene’ that automatically sets lighting levels for situations such as cooking or movies, adjust the air conditioning and lower the window shades.

“We were looking for something that would impress our guests as much as it would make our home life simpler and more comfortable, and the ELAN g! system delivered in spades,” the owner said. “It’s been great to have a centralized system for everything when we have guests over, like for Thanksgiving this year. Using an iPad to control your lights, heat, music, TV and windows is such a cool thing to show off, and it’s something that actually shows benefits immediately. In addition to the iPad, we like having the ELAN remotes for the TVs in each room so we can turn on the TV and sound, then turn off the lights and close the shades without getting off the couch, and without getting the iPad from our bedroom.”

For someone who lives and breathes in the music industry, having music in every room was an absolute necessity. Of course, living in New York City means that floor space is at a very high premium, so the ideal solution was to use in-ceiling speakers from Niles that are barely noticeable, but produce amazing high fidelity music. For the living room, which serves as the media room and home theater, the owner brought his Focal Chorus 800 V surround system and paired it with a new Samsung 3D LED TV.

According to Britt Bischoff of Vast Metro, the company who designed and installed the home’s electronic systems, modern technology has become non-invasive and allows homeowners to maximize their space. “It used to be that a homeowner’s stereo components had to sit in a bookshelf or otherwise out in the open, along with cable boxes, DVD players and even speakers. Today, so much technology can be tucked into a closet and controlled through IR relays that there’s no need to actually see any electronics besides the TV and the occasional floor standing speakers. As I’ve shown in this condo, it’s easy to maximize space while also maximizing comfort and functionality with advanced home automation and control.”

You wouldn’t know it by walking through the home, but each of the three TVs can access video content from two Apple TVs, two cable boxes and a Blu-ray player, and there are five distinct zones of audio, including one for the large rooftop patio that provides and incredible view of the Manhattan skyline. All the magic happens behind the scenes through the ELAN g! system, so there are no messy wires, no complicated procedures to setup a TV, and no most importantly no hassle for the owners.

“We really love the system, and it’s so nice to be able to use our iPhones to control the music while out on the patio,” the owner added. “I started my company in a dorm room back when mini component stereo systems were popular, and over the past decade I’ve seen consumer technology advance to the point where every person can have a multi-room audio system in their home for a reasonable price. Just as our library of musical choices has exploded thanks to iTunes, Pandora, Spotify and other streaming services, our choices for high fidelity reproduction and simple whole-home operation have grown thanks to systems like ELAN g!”