New Elan G! 6.2 Software Expands User Interface Options, Enhances Security, Expands Global Weather And Continues To Deliver The Lowest Total Cost Of Installed Home Control

Matthew Bail | April 9, 2013
Press Release

The latest ELAN software update adds a native app for Apple’s OSX, weather-based event triggers, GUI enhancements, improved security features and simplified integrator customization procedures.

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA – Demonstrating its commitment to provide dealers and end-users with continuous updates to the ELAN® g! Entertainment and Control System, ELAN Home Systems today announced the release of its new ELAN g! 6.2 Software Update, which adds a brand new native g! app for OSX, a complete On-screen-Display, several user interface enhancements, end-user system security features, expanded international weather and weather-based event triggers.

According to Core Brands Director of Control Category Joe Lautner, ELAN prides itself on providing end-users with the most consistent, easy-to-learn and easy-to-use GUI in the industry, and today it expanded that capability with its first native ELAN g! app for OSX on Apple computers.  In addition to the new OSX app, ELAN has further developed the On-Screen Display (accessible on programmed TVs) to be consistent in appearance and operation with all of ELAN’s touchscreen interfaces and g!Mobile apps for Android and iOS devices.

ELAN has partnered with Weather Underground, now part of the Weather Channel® Companies, to deliver worldwide users with the best weather data available. Lautner emphasized that the new ELAN g! 6.2 Software Update delivers a host of new features including support for true global weather forecasting that will allow g! customers in every part of the world to access and display weather forecasts for their geographic area.  What’s more, the g! 6.2 software will allow dealers to program specific automation trigger events based on the local forecast, including, but not limited to, temperature, humidity, wind, and weather alerts for automation of things like motorized window shutters and shades, irrigation controls, internal climate set points and distribution of email alerts to the homeowner, among others.

As part of the company’s promise to deliver the most powerful and easy-to-use solutions, ELAN has enhanced the g! System’s personalization capabilities with Power Variables, Boolean logic and structure work in the Configurator to streamline the personalization process. This results in simpler programming for integrators and provides end users with an even more reliable, powerful solution while lowering the total cost of installation. With the addition of advanced security features, the ELAN g! 6.2 Software Update offers users an even greater peace of mind, both at home and away.

According to Lautner, “Over the last year ELAN has taken the g! System to new heights by adding electronic door lock integration, automatic importing of programming from connected third-party components, KNX support, Chinese language support, international streaming content, an Android g!Mobile app and an ever-growing list of drivers for third-party components. As ELAN g! continues to strengthen its position as the world’s favorite entertainment and control system, we are committed to providing consistent updates that enhance the system and increase its value while lowering the total cost of installation for integrators and end-users. As far as what is next, dealers can expect a number of releases over the next six months with a wide range of updated and new 3rdparty drivers.

“What’s more,” Lautner concluded, “dealer feedback on our recent system advancements has been very positive and is evidenced by our Q1 System realizing 30% growth.  We’d like to thank our dealers for their support and we look forward to a very strong 2013!”