Elan Launches Accelerated Dealer Training Certification Program With G! School!

Matthew Bail | September 25, 2013
Press Release

Now it’s faster than ever to become a certified Nice/ELAN g! installer through a combination of online and in-person training.

DENVER, COLORADO – September 25, 2013 — In response to the growing market demand for its award-winning g! Entertainment and Control System, ELAN® Home Systems today announced that it has enhanced its training program to enable prospective dealers to become certified Nice/ELAN g! installers in just 20 hours through a combination of online training and a two-day in-person session.

Nearly 1,000 students have already utilized the free on-demand, self-paced training offered at Nice/ELAN’s online g! School, which is available 24/7 and provides more than 150 unique courses. The Nice/ELAN g! system will be on display at the Core Brands Booth #1120 at CEDIA 2013 in Denver, Colorado at the Colorado Convention Center.

According to Eric Herdman, Nice/ELAN Home Systems Content Manager, “Our coordinated approach to dealer certification combines online and in-person training in a way that ensures that any prospect, anywhere in the world, can become an Nice/ELAN dealer as quickly as they want to. By combining a free seven-hour online introduction course with a 13- hour, 1.5 day regional on-site training seminar, we provide new dealers with hands-on experience plus a complete understanding of the inner working of the Nice/ELAN g! system.”

The certification process is incredibly simple: a new dealer simply visits and signs up to take the online course, which is available immediately. Upon successful completion of the 7-hour training course, the new dealer contacts an Nice/ELAN regional representative to sign up for a 1.5 day, $100 in-person training seminar in their local area that will complete their education. After the in-person seminar, each dealer must pass a final online exam to receive Nice/ELAN g! certification, which is sent in a PDF and available immediately so they can get right to work!

“Our solution allows dealers to become familiar with the Nice/ELAN g! system on their own time, with the ability to pause, rewind and restart any lesson they need, so they can progress at their own pace and on their schedule,” Herdman emphasized. “Giving them an online introduction before they do the in-person training is invaluable, and there’s nothing to lose because the online courses are free.”

ELAN’s g! School is the latest incarnation of Nice/ELAN U, which debuted as the first-ever online installation-training program in 2003. Since then, installers have taken more than 300,000 online lessons, earning the program numerous awards including the CEA Mark of Excellence Award for Best Training and Support Programs and the Inside Track Certificate of Excellence for Best Dealer Training.