ELAN Launches New Architectural Speakers at CEDIA 2018

Matthew Bail | September 7, 2018
Press Release

New in-ceiling, in-wall and LCR speakers will be available exclusively to Nice/ELAN dealers.

SAN DIEGO, CALIFORNIA –  Demonstrating its commitment to provide residential installers with a complete range of AV solutions for their customers, Nice North America (NSC), the global leader in smart connected devices and systems, today introduced a new line of Nice/ELAN® architectural speakers. The Nice/ELAN 400 Series, 600 Series, and 800 Series speakers – fifteen new models in all – debuted today at CEDIA 2018 in Nice North America Booth #4637 at the San Diego Convention Center.

Speaker front“ELAN’s new speakers are exclusive to Nice/ELAN dealers, which gives our control platform installers an even more complete Nice/ELAN-branded solution to present their clients,” explained NSC Director of Audio Alex Zaliauskas. “This new line responds to direct requests from Nice/ELAN dealers for us to get back into speakers. We’ve done so in a way that speaks to the signature sound dealers will expect from Nice/ELAN.”

ELAN’s 400 Series Speakers are perfect for homeowners who want high-end audio without breaking the bank. The 400 Series features ½” Tweeters and Polypropylene cone woofers. “This high-value line provides dealers with more options for customers who want a great audio experience but aren’t keen on heavily investing in it,” Zaliauskas added.

ELAN’s 600 Series Speakers are multipurpose speaker solutions that deliver elevated performance. All five speakers in the series feature upgraded injection molded polypropylene cone woofers and pivoting 1” soft dome tweeters. “The 600 Series is perfect for a home theater, or within distributed audio applications throughout the home,” Zaliauskas commented.

Whether homeowners enjoy high-performance audio in every room or high-powered sound in their home theater, Nice/ELAN’s 800 Series Speakers are an ideal choice. Exceptional clarity, resolution and dynamics are achieved via graphite-injected polypropylene cone woofers and aluminum dome tweeters. All seven 800 Series Speakers have a vocal enhancement switch that increases vocal clarity, and enhances dialogue. Users also have the option to adjust the speakers’ tweeter performance via a front-mounted  “tweeter” enhancement switch.

The new Nice/ELAN® architectural speaker portfolio consists of:

  • EL-400-IC-6: Nice/ELAN 400 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) In-Ceiling Speakers (Sold in Pairs)
  • EL-400-ICDVC-6: Nice/ELAN 400 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) DVC/SST In-Ceiling Speaker (Sold Individually)
  • EL-400-IW-6: Nice/ELAN 400 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) In-Wall Speakers (Sold in Pairs)
  • EL-600-IC-6: Nice/ELAN 600 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) In-Ceiling Speakers (Sold in Pairs)
  • EL-600-ICLCR-6: Nice/ELAN 600 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) LCR In-Ceiling Speaker (Sold Individually)
  • EL-600-IW-6: Nice/ELAN 600 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) In-Wall Speakers (Sold in Pairs)
  • EL-600-IC-8: Nice/ELAN 600 Series 8″ (200mm) In-Ceiling Speakers (Sold in Pairs)
  • EL-600-IWLCR-5: Nice/ELAN 600 Series 5″ (130mm) LCR In-Wall Speaker (Sold Individually)
  • EL-800-IC-6: Nice/ELAN 800 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) In-Ceiling Speakers (Sold in Pairs)
  • EL-800-ICLCR-6: ELAN 800 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) LCR In-Ceiling Speaker (Sold Individually)
  • EL-800-IC-8: Nice/ELAN 800 Series 8″ (200mm) In-Ceiling Speakers (Sold in Pairs)
  • EL-800-ICDVC-8: Nice/ELAN 800 Series 8″ (200mm) DVC/SST In-Ceiling Speaker (Sold Individually)
  • EL-800-ICLCR-8: Nice/ELAN 800 Series 8″ (200mm) LCR In-Ceiling Speaker (Sold Individually)
  • EL-800-IW-8: Nice/ELAN 800 Series 8″ (200mm) In-Wall Speakers (Sold in Pairs)
  • EL-800-IWLCR-6: Nice/ELAN 800 Series 6-1/2″ (160mm) LCR In-Wall Speaker (Sold Individually)

“We are giving Nice/ELAN® dealers a range of audio solutions to offer their customers,” Zaliauskas concluded, “and each has the elegant design and sophisticated performance that our customers have come to expect from the Nice/ELAN brand.”

Interested attendees can learn more at CEDIA 2018 in Nice/ELAN/Nice North America Booth #4637.

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