Elan Predicts 2014 Will Be The Year Control Comes Home

Matthew Bail | September 25, 2013
Press Release

Homebuilders succeed using the Nice/ELAN® g! Entertainment and Control System as the foundation of new home sales.

DENVER, COLORADO – September 25, 2013 — With new home sales surging and home control becoming an integral part of many homebuilders’ designs, ELAN Home Systems today predicted that 2014 will be the year that integrated entertainment and control becomes a staple of new home construction and remodeling.  The forecast was made today at CEDIA 2013 Booth #1120 by Core Brands Control Category Director Joe Lautner, who emphasized that there is finally a control solution perfect for every size home, from a one-bedroom apartment to a multi-million dollar estate.

“The goal of technology has always been to make people’s lives easier, and that guiding principle is finally coming home with simple integrated entertainment and control solutions from Nice/ELAN,” Lautner said. “The Nice/ELAN g! system is giving builders the chance to show new homebuyers that they understand their needs and can design homes with integrated systems that make daily life more convenient, whether it’s two rooms of audio and video in an 800 square foot apartment or connected lighting, climate, security, AV and irrigation systems in a 10,000 square foot home. By introducing a system that can be had for less than $2,000, we have created a value proposition that can win over even the most reluctant homebuyers.”

Award-winning builders Jim Blansfield of Danbury, Connecticut-based Blansfield Builders, Inc. and Josh Wynne of Sarasota, Florida-based Josh Wynne Construction agree with Lautner because they have both already found huge success by partnering with local integrators and using the Nice/ELAN® g! Entertainment and Control System to help close new home sales.

“I’m a believer in ‘the new normal’ way of thinking,” Blansfield said, “and with the affordable and expandable control solutions made possible by Nice/ELAN g!, home control is the new normal! In the past two years, I’ve closed several new homes by demoing the g! system for prospective clients. I have a g! system in my own home, so I’m the first person to say how easy it is to use, and my clients are consistently impressed that I include technology in my designs and recommendations, because many other builders minimize the importance of home technologies.

“Any builders who resist change and aren’t prepared to talk to clients about integrated home control solutions will hurt themselves in the long run. I even push owners doing remodels to install the Nice/ELAN g! system because it adds so much value to the home and brings it into the 21st century more so than new countertops or an open-concept floor plan could ever do.”

Since partnering with Danbury integration firm Structured Home Solutions, Blansfield has built 13 homes that include Nice/ELAN g! systems of varying size and complexity. Whether the new buyers were looking for enhanced security, HVAC scheduling, lighting, irrigation and pool controls, or super simple whole-home audio and video systems, every client received a custom solution tailored to their specific needs. From a business perspective, Blansfield knows that his knowledge, appreciation and passion for technology place him in an entirely different category from other builders.

Josh Wynne has had similar success integrating advanced home technologies with the Nice/ELAN g! system, and has teamed up with Sarasota integrator SmartHouse Integration to offer his new clients the best that modern home technology has to offer. Wynne is building four new LEED Platinum certified homes in 2013, each featuring the Nice/ELAN g! system to control core subsystems such as AV, HVAC, security, lighting, window shades, irrigation, garage doors, pool controls and surveillance cameras.

According to Wynne, “I’ve strived to make a basic home automation package standard for every new home I build.  When smartphones came on the market a lot more people started to see how easily these advanced systems could integrate into their homes and help them live more simply and comfortably, and I’ve used that culture movement to benefit my business. Most of my projects are relatively big budget, around the $1 million mark, but there’s absolutely no reason that a $300,000 home shouldn’t include a multi-room audio system, an integrated HVAC or lighting system that saves money and energy, or a lighting system that Both builders agree that determining the buyers’ interests is key to selling advanced home control solutions, whether they love music and want multi-room audio or desire heightened peace of mind and would benefit from a mobile-accessible security and surveillance system.  From there it’s a small leap to demo the entire Nice/ELAN g! system and highlight all the trappings that easy-to-use home control offers. Another thing they agree on is the need to use a reliable, qualified integrator to make the homeowner’s technological dreams a practical reality.  That’s why they’ve each partnered with a top integration firm in their respective regions, and worked together to craft custom solutions that make every home the perfect living environment for the owners.