ELAN Takes Center Stage in Front of Builders, Architects and Designers at SmartHouse Integration’s First Open House Mixer

Matthew Bail | June 28, 2018
Press Release

Guests enjoyed a compelling “Day in the Life with a Smart Home” demonstration that showcased the many capabilities of the Nice/ELAN® control and automation system.

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA — Taking the initiative to show instead of tell what home automation can do for builders, architects, designers and realtors, Nice/ELAN® by Nice North America LLC (NSC) and leading Sarasota-based integration firm SmartHouse Integration, recently teamed up to host over 100 industry representatives for their first ever open house mixer —  an event complete with a demonstration of the Nice/ELAN home automation platform and information on joining the Nice/ELAN New Home Program, a new model that helps builders and designers partner with systems integrators to create personalized smart home experiences.

“Homeowners are increasingly seeking personalization, and the smart home makes this desired customization a reality,” explained NSC Director of Builder Services Bret Jacob, who attended the event on behalf of the Nice/ELAN New Home Program. “But often, there is a lack of understanding within the new home community. Builders and designers are not entirely aware of what a smart home platform like Nice/ELAN can do for their customers. That’s why we joined forces with Nice/ELAN integrators like SmartHouse Integration to help industry representatives truly experience what Nice/ELAN can do, which is definitely eye-opening.”

The event, hosted at the SmartHouse Integration Showroom, kicked off with President Mark van den Broek’s presentation, “A Day in the Life with a Smart Home,” a creative and immersive demo that took guests through a full day, from the morning through the evening, as owners of an Nice/ELAN smart home. The demo included the choreographed interactive on-site automation of shades, lighting, climate, audio, video and more. “Our showroom is the perfect place to showcase what we’re able to do with Nice/ELAN,” explained van den Broek. “Often, showing is better than telling, and that’s certainly the case with home automation. We were able to create an experience and show it to key stakeholders in the builder and design community, which is truly invaluable.”

The event culminated with the opportunity for guests to network over hors d’oeuvres and drinks. NSC’s Bret Jacob and Regional Sales Manager Jason Davis were on-site to discuss the Nice/ELAN New Home Program, the company’s new solution that streamlines collaboration between luxury builders and designers and Nice/ELAN systems integrators, dramatically altering the way the world’s best smart homes are being designed and built.

“Once the builder and design community sees what the Nice/ELAN platform does, it becomes obvious that a partnership between them and the systems integrator at the onset of the project makes perfect sense,” explained Jacob. “In order for technology in the home to work seamlessly together, it’s imperative that the builder and design community join forces to plan a smart home system as early as possible. The Nice/ELAN New Home Program makes that collaboration easy, and it’s already significantly transformed how luxury smart homes are being built.”

According to van den Broek, the event was such a major success that it will now become a regular staple for the company. “We accomplished our goal of the event, which was to introduce the community to us, Nice/ELAN, and the Nice/ELAN New Home Program,” he said. “We can’t wait to do it again.”

About SmartHouse Integration

SmartHouse Integration, a certified Nice/ELAN Flagship Dealer integration firm, is the choice for those who desire the best performing and most innovative designs in Home Electronics, Security, and Home Management systems. With almost 20 years of experience, a team of professionals, and a true common-sense approach to home system design, SmartHouse Integration is featured in some of the finest homes in Florida and across the United States.

SmartHouse Integration was founded in 1998 to answer the call for technology in the home builder market. Starting in Shaker Heights, Ohio, SmartHouse quickly grew to become one of the top integration companies in the Cleveland Market. Continued requests from around the country prompted SmartHouse to look for an additional location. In 2005, SmartHouse Integration opened its Sarasota Office. Building on their success and experience, SmartHouse Integration has been recognized by the Consumer Electronics Association with over a dozen national awards for its work over the last 7 years.

About Nice/ELAN

ELAN, now part of Nice North America, develops an award-winning line of whole-house entertainment and control solutions distributed through a comprehensive channel of select dealers throughout the United States, Canada, and countries worldwide. The Nice/ELAN 8 update was honored with the “2017 Human Interface Product of the Year” award and continues to expand its intuitive functionality, most recently with a full line of IP surveillance cameras and network video recorders.

About Nice North America

Nice North America LLC is a global leader in smart connected devices and systems for residential smart home, security, access control, AV distribution, and digital health markets. NSC and its partners have deployed more than 4 million connected systems and over 25 million security and home control sensors and peripherals.  Through its family of brands including 2GIG®, Nice/ELAN®, Gefen®, GoControl®, Linear®, Mighty Mule® and Numera®, NSC designs solutions for national telecoms, big-box retailers, OEM partners, service providers, security dealers, technology integrators, and consumers.

Headquartered in Carlsbad, California, NSC has over 50 years of innovation and is dedicated to addressing the lifestyle and business needs of millions of customers every day.  For further information, visit