Explore the Top 5 Reasons to Choose Nice/ELAN® Smart Home Automation

June 4, 2020

We’ve gathered the top 5 ways Nice/ELAN® makes your world simpler. Our smart home automation system allows you to conveniently control your home from anywhere, whether it be across the room or globe. In the Part I of this series, we dive into our single app interface!

Your World, Made Simple

The Nice/ELAN® Single App Interface is the industry’s only single-app solution, including everything you need on one screen. Connect all of your smart devices through this single interface for an overall satisfying user experience. Our system gives you the power to control all subsystems of your home through the Nice/ELAN® app which eliminates the need to jump from one app to another. See the highlights below:

  • Check who is at your front door
  • Turn up the thermostat
  • Dim the lights
  • Personalize your space
  • Adjust your music volumes

We’re pleased to share that our system won various awards including CEPro’s Best Product of 2019, CEDIA’s Best of Show, TechHome’s Human Interface of the Year, ISE’s Top New Technology, and a special recognition from Connected Design.

Our award-winning single app interface is just one of the many reasons to choose Nice/ELAN when considering whole home automation. Be sure to check back for Part II of this series!