High-end, Integrated Technology Project Takes Entertainment to the Next Level

September 16, 2020

Ease of living, technology integration, and entertainment were important factors for the Marzola family when building their luxurious $5-million-plus California home. They hired Modern Image Pro Audio, a certified dealer of Nice/ELAN® control products, based in Moreno Valley, Calif., to bring their vision to life. Their home is now equipped with audio distributed to 28 zones, 78 indoor/outdoor SpeakerCraft® speakers, 14 TVs, 187 lighting and shade control devices, and a special wine cellar/cigar room that’s temperature and humidity controlled by an ELAN thermostat, in addition to the Nice/ELAN whole house control solution.

The integrated technology is practical and improves their lives with access to AV, lighting, shades, temperature and more. The installation was extensive and required key details in order to accomplish the vision of the homeowners.

“The preplanning from the very outset of the project was key to the success of this home,” said Glenn Story, president of Modern Image Pro Audio. “We had to consider the underground wine cellar, special requirements of the modern architectural design, location of public utilities including phone and internet connection, and other critical aspects. We did all these before any construction or foundation was started.”

The Marzola’s own a successful construction firm, Marzola Construction, and are in tune with vital collaboration and preplanning necessities. The entire team on the project consisted of seasoned professionals, including the electrician and the 35-plus years of experience from the integrator, resulting in a superbly crafted home with zero hardware or wiring issues after the fact.

This project involved a very large number of products — and brands — and it was necessary to make all of the parts and pieces work together smoothly and properly in order to achieve outstanding results. One great example of how one of the components called upon Story’s special technical expertise is the 100 percent use of fiber in the network. The networking backbone and all spaces, including a free-standing casita, are tied together by fiber optic cables.

“It’s the home technology project I am most proud of. I’m proud of the planning and how it all came together so well at the end” said Story.

Full Install team for Yorba Linda Residence:


Modern Image Pro Audio Inc.

Glenn Story


John Ecker

Project Mgr.

Naythan Story

Lead Technician

Ramon Roque Jr.

Electrical Contractor

Brian Clemens

Prestige Electric

Marco & Paula Marzola (Homeowners)

Marzola Construction  (Contractor)