How Nice/ELAN® Control Systems Offer Superior, Transformative Technology

October 6, 2021

Next up in our series on why Nice/ELAN® systems are the best-in-class for commercial control systems, we’re looking at the superior, transformative technology that goes into and powers every ELAN control panel. 

ELAN control systems are best-in-class in nearly every category to bring you the most intelligent, advanced solutions to transform your business. We hold more than 270 patents and have developed and delivered world-class IP assets and business technology all over the globe – and everything works together. 


Other features include: 

  • Category-leading touch panels with high-res screens, face recognition and voice control
  • IntelliVision® analytics for unparalleled identification (used to secure airports, the Pentagon and government institutions)
  • Integrated intercom and paging systems 
  • Customizable alerts protect investments and put you in touch with your building and entry points – from anywhere 

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