How Software Update 8.6 Makes Your Nice/ELAN® Control System Even Better

May 6, 2021

Are you ready to make your smart home even smarter? Our latest 8.6 software updates to our home automation system controllers gives you more options for customizing your smart home than ever before. Let’s take a look at some of them, along with the new products we’ve rolled out to bring these features to you.


New Products

Last month, we launched a complete set of integrated System Controllers. These include:

SC-100-ZW System Controller – This introductory-level control unit is meant for small to moderate-sized homes and installations. It features native Z-Wave integration, meaning each of the smart home devices on your wireless network can be seamlessly connected without the need for additional hardware, and improved performance.

EL-IO-200 Control Extender – Allowing for improved flexibility in home automation control, this extender is paired with units to extend control and allow other devices to be added to your smart home network. It features 2 signal inputs, 2 relay outputs, and is PoE (power over ethernet) Ready, allowing you to use your wired network setup to reduce the number of cables needed.

SC-200-ZW System Control Bundle – This combo bundle of the SC-100-ZW System Controller and EL-IO-200 Control Extender includes a PRO license, allowing you seamless control of all smart home automations systems.

SC-300-ZW System Controller – This premium control unit is the perfect option for tying all your smart home systems together in one package. It includes up to 4 signal inputs, 6 relay outputs, and native Z-Wave integration. With its greater range of control and flexibility, this is the perfect unit for homes and systems of just about any size.


How software update 8.6 lets your home do more

Now let’s take a look at some of the amazing new additions and features that are included in 8.6:

Native support for Z-Wave
The addition of Z-Wave wireless communications helps make Nice/ELAN® automation systems more flexible and easier to control than ever before. Both the SC-100 and SC-300 controllers include native Z-Wave support – a first for Nice/ELAN control systems. Z-Wave is a wireless communications tool protocol that is primarily used to control smart home automation systems. In the past, adding Z-Wave devices to your existing Nice/ELAN control systems required separate hardware, the process is now seamlessly integrated thanks to update 8.6.

Surveillance enhancements
Some of the most requested updates from our customers have included surveillance updates. With software update 8.6, the ability to export clips is now supported on iOS and Android smartphones and tablets. Connecting remotely to cameras and door stations have received a major boost in quality as well.

Lighting update
Update 8.6 also adds a host of lighting updates that allows for more illumination options than ever before. For ease of use, all lighting and shade options are now on auto-generated pages and grouped by type and location. There are also group level controls for lights in individual rooms and areas, such as outdoor lighting and room lighting. These group level controls can be used to dim levels, change lighting color, and select and edit scenes. If you’re unfamiliar with scene lighting, think of mood lighting settings for special occasions, such as movie nights, party lights, and chill-out moods. A lighting color palette was also added to the lighting page, allowing you to choose from up to 16 colors to set and edit for lights on an individual or group setting.

Source Favorites update
To reduce clutter on the interface of your controller’s UI, 8.6 has added an update to Source Favorites, minimizing duplicate entries of source files on different units. You can also add custom cover art to your source favorites for a more personalized experience.

UI/UX updates

Speaking of personalization, a new theme selector has been added to the System Controllers UI, allowing for even greater customization options for users. In addition to “Nature” and “Lifestyle” settings, a shiny new, animated “Gold Dust” theme has been added for users who want some sparkle in their lives.

There have also been some updates to the Settings function, including consolidating the Basic Settings and passcode-protected Advanced Settings under one page on the main menu.

With the latest software update 8.6, you’re more in control than ever before.
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