New 4K HDMI Solutions

April 14, 2017

We have begun shipping the new line of Nice/ELAN HDMI Matrices and HDBaseT Extenders. These new solutions work seamlessly with Nice/ELAN's current system controllers, for exceptional performance in projects of all sizes. Auto-discovery and simplified configuration reduce set-up time to minutes – not hours – while delivering robust A/V & HDMI distribution throughout the system.

Software Update

With support for the new line.

A new build of the Nice/ELAN software is now available on the Nice/ELAN Dealer Website (login required). The 8.1.164 software release includes support for the following Nice/ELAN HDMI SKUs:

  • EL-4KPM-V66-A1812
  • EL-4KPM-V88-A2416
  • EL-4KM-V44-KIT
  • EL-4KM-V88

ELAN Direct Dealers can shop now and download datasheets on the Core Brands Portal.

Watch for more information in May.