New Luxury Townhome Community Makes Living Easy With Elan G! Home Control Systems

December 13, 2013
Press Release


LEED certified townhome community in Bethesda, Maryland is making simple, sophisticated home control standard in every new townhome.

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, December 11, 2013 — At the new Little Falls Place townhome community in Bethesda, Maryland, luxury living starts with an advanced home control system, controlled with the simple Nice/ELAN g!Mobile app for Apple and Android devices. Each and every home’s climate and security systems are integrated into an Nice/ELAN g! system, giving owners the ability to change or automate settings from the living room couch or from halfway around the world!

According to Jack Rainey of Chesapeake Systems Services, the company responsible for installing the development’s smart home technology, buyers can add more features such as multi-room audio and video, whole-home lighting control, motorized window blinds, surveillance cameras, motorized door locks and even a home theater. “Incorporating a smart home technology platform into the development was a requirement from the start,” Rainey explained. “Today’s buyers expect to have instant access to control their home’s systems, just like they have instant access to their smartphone apps for business and leisure.

““Several buyers have already expressed interest in expanding their systems to include the control of lighting, audio, video and window shades,” he said, “and I expect nearly every buyer will add something to their base system. We’re hard at work building the community’s model unit, which will include a fully integrated system that has rooftop TVs, music in every room, iPads mounted in the wall for control, surveillance cameras and electronic door locks. Once potential buyers test out the model home, I’m certain they are going to find a few things that will make their home lives easier and more comfortable.”

The community’s developer, Ekan, Young & Associates, decided to make the Nice/ELAN g! system standard in every townhome because it offers the easiest way for owners to control just about everything in their home, whether they integrate it all up front or add functionality over time. With a few taps on an iPad owners can pick a music playlist, choose which rooms to play music, turn up the heat and make sure all the doors are locked. And they can use the system from their iPhones or Android phones anywhere in the world, so they can open the garage to receive a package while on vacation or double check to make sure all the lights are off and the security system is on while they are on the plane.

Each home features three interior living levels, expansive full-floor rooftop terrace with outdoor kitchen, two-car garage parking and private elevator. The two different home models, named Berkley and Carlton, offer up to 2,635 sq. ft. of interior living space and 1,325 sq. ft. of exterior living space. All appliances, materials and trims are of premium quality, and each home has three bedrooms, two full baths and two half baths. To learn more about Little Falls Place and the amenities offered in each home, visit