Personalized Comfort and Convenience with Nice/ELAN® Control Systems

December 30, 2020

Give your customers the ultimate customized smart home experience!

One of the main reasons home and business owners choose the Nice/ELAN® smart control system is the personalization capabilities included in the platform. Using our advanced features enable professional installers to customize a client’s system to their specific needs. Read on to find out how tailoring the capabilities of the Nice/ELAN system can benefit both end-users as well as dealers!

Professional Perks

We strive to make each install and configuration setup of Nice/ELAN products as seamless as possible for our dealers and professional installers. This includes new functionality we’ve embedded to help you easily add the following customized  features for your customers:

  • Subsystem settings and access
  • UI/UX by viewer
  • Custom pages and tabs
  • Event mapping

End-User Ease

In the system updates we recently released, we’ve taken personalization to the next level for the end-user. By enhancing the intuitiveness of our system, the whole user experience is heightened.  Your customers will enjoy the ultimate ease customization provides with the Nice/ELAN smart control system that allows them to…

Lifestyle-Enhancing Features

Imagine your customer walks into their smart home and it automatically recognizes them and adjusts the home’s settings to their preferences in real-time. This is made possible through the continued evolution of Nice/ELAN control systems. Starting with personalization for all, you can enhance your customers’ lifestyle with these features:

  1. Source Favorites

Source favorites can be customized on any interface and are found on the source selection page as well as in the zone list feed. Easily assign favorite audio and TV channels, which become readily available with a single tap of a button. Source favorites fall under the viewer using the system but can be assigned to any user.

  1. Facial Recognition

Using IntelliVision® analytics, facial recognition is only available on the Nice/ELAN 12-inch touch panel and 8-inch touch panel. Dealers are able to setup facial recognition for any user by following the simple steps outlined in the video below. Once a face is recognized, source favorites can be loaded in real time.

  1. Personalized Flyouts

 Giving you a competitive advantage, our Nice/ELAN systems feature personalized flyouts that are exclusive to our touch panels, much like facial recognition. These flyouts give an extra degree of ease and convenience through contextual access to:

  • Media favorites
  • Lighting & shades
  • Climate settings
  • Custom action buttons
  • Event mapping login (in configurator)

For more in-depth tips that will help you give your customers a more personalized smart home experience, check out this video featuring our director of product management, Tom McKeon!