Retired Software Engineer Refuses To “Gamble On Cheap Control Solutions” And Chooses Elan G! System

Matthew Bail | April 1, 2013
Press Release

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA – Retired software engineer Bill Pardee understands more than a thing or two about working with high technology.  A career spent designing and implementing software programs convinced him that technology means nothing if it’s not state-of-the-art, easy to install and operate, and future-proof, so when he went shopping for a control system for his Denver, Colorado home he looked for a solution that met all three criteria.  After consulting with the custom installation pros at CDI Services, it was clear that the best choice was the ELAN® g! Entertainment and Control System.

“I could have cut corners and gone with any number of low-cost systems from companies like Verizon or Comcast,” Pardee said, “but I wanted a professional grade solution that I could add to over time, easily and cost-effectively, and nothing came close to matching the g! system in that regard. CDI Services did an excellent job designing and installing the system in a timely manner, and they assured me that I won’t run into any of the reliability issues that are common with low-cost solutions. In the unlikely event that an issue does arise, I take comfort knowing that I have local, experienced professionals who can tend to my system. I won’t be put on hold for a half hour and then asked to try to fix it myself.”

Pardee tasked CDI Services with installing a new multi-room audio system, new TVs, surveillance cameras, integrating his home’s lighting and existing security system, as well as making his garage doors operable from anywhere in the world through his iPhone. Integrators often find a system to call their favorite, and for Shaun Kenney, President of CDI Services, it’s the ELAN g! System. That’s why it’s the only system he recommends to his residential clients.

“When Bill told me what he was looking for in a home control system, I didn’t have to think about it,” Kenney said. “I just said ‘Bill, I’ve got exactly the system you need, and it’s easier than you could imagine.’ I showed him how the iPhone and iPad apps give him fast, simple control of all the systems he mentioned, and how the ELAN HR2 media remote works just like his current TV remote, plus complete control of all the other ELAN g! functions.”

Having mobile control of the home through iPhones, iPads and Android devices was a must-have for Pardee, as he wanted to eliminate worries when away from home. With strategically placed surveillance cameras that give a clear view of the home’s exterior, mobile accessibility means no more wondering about whether the family left the garage doors open or left the lights on. After all, he said, “You can’t put a price on the peace of mind you get from having the security system, lights, cameras and garage door controls right in your pocket.”

He admits, however, that when he’s home, no tablet or smartphone can beat a traditional remote for one important function — controlling the TV.

“ELAN g! lets me access all my music, movies and television in any room, but that doesn’t mean I want to use an app to change the channel,” Pardee commented. “I tried it once, and then never tried it again. Unless you leave the iPhone screen on all the time, which kills the battery very quickly, it takes four or five buttons to get to the TV controls.  When I’m choosing a movie or turning on Pandora that’s fine, but I want one button control for changing channels and volume. That’s why the HR2 remote is a must-have.  It works just like the remote controls I’ve been using my whole life, but also lets me dim the lights with its touchscreen. In the end, I count myself lucky that I went with CDI and ELAN g! instead of gambling on a new bargain system. CDI knows this industry inside and out, so they delivered above and beyond my expectations.”

As for the components of the AV system, CDI made sure that Pardee got the best of the best and installed a total of 22 Niles speakers throughout the house. That includes a 5.1 system in the family room (4 Niles), a 5.1 system in the master bedroom suite (4 Niles), a pair in the master bath, three pairs outdoors, a pair in the dining room, and two pairs in the great room with a powder room.

“My friends and I are consistently impressed that the Niles speakers add such a big sound to my entertainment system, and how much they enhance the viewing experience,” Pardee said. “The ceiling speakers are about the same size as my recessed light fixtures and blend into the ceiling so as to almost disappear, so it’s like this incredible quality audio just becomes part of the room itself. Amazingly, the outdoor speakers bring that same audio detail to the backyard, making it a true extension of our living space. And we don’t have to bring them in for the winter because they are designed to withstand any kind of weather.”

The system is controlled through several iPhones and iPads, two ELAN HR2 remotes and two ELAN TS2 in-wall touchscreens with several hard buttons for commonly used functions such as volume control.  The system controls a total of four TVs, including a 32” LCD mounted above the tub in the master bathroom.

The home’s existing heating, air conditioning and irrigation systems are fully automated systems in themselves, so Pardee chose not to integrate them with ELAN g! at this time. However, Kenney added that CDI could integrate the additional systems in the future without a major cost, and could also add motorized window shades, electronic door locks or additional TVs and speakers.

About ELAN Home Systems:

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