Sometimes smaller is better. Introducing 4″ touch panels

Matthew Bail | August 14, 2015

The gTP4 4″ touch panel makes it easy to add a dedicated Nice/ELAN interface in every room. Available in White and Black trim, the gTP4 delivers instant access to lighting, automation and music presets via a bright and color-rich 4.7″ touch screen behind ultra-sensitive edge to edge glass. Of course, it can work with the new Nice/ELAN Intercom.

ELAN gTP4 Touch PanelThe gTP4’s function-specific interface creates an experience that is substantially more satisfying than a hand held smart device. The unit wakes as the hand approaches and presents a seven button flyout “keypad” for quick access to most commonly used lighting, automation or music presets. Swipe the flyout away and the full Nice/ELAN experience is instantly at your fingertips.

With a bright and color rich 4.7″ screen sits behind ultra-sensitive touch screen with edge to edge glass, the gTP4 smart home interface will display video from IP enabled cameras, making it a great addition to virtually any room.

The designer-friendly gTP4 is similarly sized to a one gang wall plate, and mounts in either portrait or landscape. This allows installation flexibility, such as portrait mounting when grouped near light switches or landscape when mounted a little higher on the wall.

Model Numbers:

  • White: gTP4-W
  • Black: gTP4-B