Superior Technology with the Nice/ELAN® Control Platform

August 12, 2020

We’ve gathered the “Top 5” ways Nice/ELAN® control products make your world simpler. Our smart home automation system allows you to conveniently control your home from anywhere, whether it be across the room or globe. Part I of this series detailed our single app interface and all the benefits of controlling an entire home through one app. In Part II of this series, we showed you how the Nice/ELAN control platform truly gives you the personalization you have been looking for.

Now, in Part III of this series, we’ll cover the seamless technology embedded in each product we offer to provide peace of mind to you and your loved ones!

Our products are intuitive and best-in-class in nearly every category to bring you the most intelligent and advanced home solution. Our parent company is proud to hold over 270 patents for our brand alone. From the ELAN Intelligent Touch Panel to the Video Doorbell, we’ve developed and assembled world-class IP assets and unmatched technology including:

  • High-resolution screens, face recognition and voice control
  • IntelliVision® analytics for unparalleled identification (used to secure airports, The Pentagon, and government institutions)
  • Complete intercom and paging system when used with our whole-house speakers
  • Simple alerts that allow you to be in touch with your home and all entry points – from anywhere.

And the best part? They all work together. 


In Part IV of this series, we’ll discuss the connectivity and integration capabilities of the Nice/ELAN® smart home automation system. To stay in the know on all things related to Nice/ELAN products, sign up for our newsletter, Control Now!