Technology That Keeps Your Home Safe & Secure

Matthew Bail | July 11, 2020

Technology is what sets us apart from our competition, and it’s what connects you to our best-in-class ELAN® smart home automation system. Previously, we covered the top 5 reasons to purchase an ELAN smart home automation system if you’re looking for the best in tech. Now we dive a bit deeper to uncover the added benefits — including security — that our system provides.

Motion Detection

Our advanced IntelliVision® technology is used in cameras to easily detect motion and keep your home safe. In addition, our motion detection technology is convenient and reliable because of its ability to eliminate false alerts. Oftentimes other systems will notify you when there’s background movement, but our technology is different and will only alert you when there is a verified motion trigger. See the top benefits of our advanced motion detection:

  • Define a “Survey Area” in the user interface for your ELAN smart home automation system and be alerted when an object enters it – not when a flag is flying in the wind, for example
  • Cut down time searching for events by filtering based on person, vehicle or Survey Area events

Surveillance to Help Deter Crime

In addition to the convenience and reliability of our surveillance technology, our smart home automation system has also proved to be a great security investment for homeowners. We recently saw firsthand how this technology kept one family safe from a potential intruder in North Carolina.

As an added surveillance benefit, dealers are able to install hidden buttons around the house that a homeowner can press to activate determined doors/rooms, including a panic room at a recent install. Our smart home automation system can also notify security monitoring services and local authorities –giving homeowners an additional layer of security.

Our advanced technology also includes scheduled automation for events and notifications when the electronic door locks are activated.

More to Discover

Stay tuned as we roll out an informative series where you can discover the “5 Reasons to Step Up to the Leader in Smart Home Technology!” To learn more, make sure to read the first blog in our series where we explore the benefits of a single app interface.

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