The Technology Behind Smart Home Automation

Matthew Bail | April 14, 2020

Our smart home automation system is convenient and simple to use. And because it’s so simple to navigate, it’s sometimes hard to believe that there’s SO much technology behind such a simple interface. Would you be surprised to know that the Nice/ELAN® control system is one of the most technologically advanced smart home automation systems on the market today? We’re here to show you how we do it. Below we break down the top 5 reasons to purchase an Nice/ELAN system if you’re looking for the best in tech.

  1. Most Intuitive User Interface 
  • Easiest to use interface in the home automation/Custom Install (CI) space and can be operated by users from ages 4 to 94+
  • Requires little to no training, so intuitive that we won the Human Interface of the Year when the new/updated interface was released in 2017

In addition, we are the only automation system where you don’t need to leave your automation system interface and jump onto another device or another app to view your recorded camera data.

  1. Camera Analytics
  • Advanced Motion limits notification fatigue
  • Native access to your recorded camera data
  • We know the difference between a constantly moving item (flag) and new motion (person and/or dog)

Other products in the industry would give a motion alert notification if a flag or car was moving in the background, and typically this can lead an end-user to turn off notifications.

  1. Facial Recognition
  • No user passwords required
  • We learn your face and it save it into the system

Facial recognition makes your Nice/ELAN system even more convenient. Upon facial recognition, your Nice/ELAN system gives you quick access to your scenes, music, channel favorites, etc.

  1. Intercom Capabilities 
  • Anything running the Nice/ELAN interface is a target, including mobile to mobile, touchscreen to mobile, and PC/MAC to door station, both inside and outside the network

Our technology also allows us to link multiple properties together, including the main house to pool house, for example.

  1. Interactive Guide 
  • If you choose to, you can view your guide directly on the Nice/ELAN interface without it showing on your TV and interrupting your current show
  • The guide service we subscribe to is a cloud service, so when Comcast or DirecTV changes the channel number of your favorite network, we automatically change it in the guide

The interactive guide also pulls up the detail data of your favorite show or sporting event. In addition, you can create channel favorite groups for each member of the family.

The Technology Behind Smart Home Automation

Our interactive guide pulls up the detail data of your favorite show or sporting event, and can be personalized for each member of the family.

The Technology Behind Smart Home Automation

You can select your personalized channel favorites by selecting your name from the list on the left hand side.

Your Smart Home

There are so many great ways to make the Nice/ELAN system truly customized to you and your family’s needs. The technology behind our home automation system just makes it that much easier for you. From personalizing your TV experience, to making your home more energy-efficient, we hope you enjoy all the benefits that an Nice/ELAN system offers!

Want to see our technology in action? Click here to watch a video on how Texas-based integrator UCIC used an Nice/ELAN system in a recent install.