Top 5 Benefits of Home Automation

Matthew Bail | September 4, 2018

The idea of home automation might seem a bit complicated, but more and more homes are adding in automation features. Why? There are many ways in which home automation with Nice/ELAN can benefit your life.  Keep reading as we discuss five key benefits of Nice/ELAN home automation.

But first, let’s review the concept of “home automation” and what exactly it means for your home.

What Is Home Automation?

Home automation is a system that allows you to control components and features in your home with one, centralized unit within the house, or remotely from your smartphone or tablet. It’s far more attainable than you might think, and can be designed to fit your budget. What Nice/ELAN home automation will do, is make your life easier, safer, and even save you money in the long run.

Through home automation with Nice/ELAN, you will be able to monitor and control the various “systems” in your home like your thermostat, lighting, shades, security, and media from wherever you are. You can automate these systems to run on a set schedule and make changes right through the Nice/ELAN app with the touch of a finger or the sound of your voice. Your Nice/ELAN home technology professional can show you how easy it can be to automate your home, syncing the smart devices in your home to the Nice/ELAN system controller to deliver a truly connected smart home.

That’s just a quick overview of what home automation is and what it can do; now let’s dive into the many home automation benefits that can really improve your life at home.

Top 5 Benefits of Home Automation

1. Convenience

Perhaps the biggest benefit of home automation with Nice/ELAN is the convenience factor — connecting and automating the features and smart devices in your home will make your life much easier and more convenient. It’s not as if there’s a whole lot of work to be done to become familiar with a new automated home either. You’ll only need to learn how to use the Nice/ELAN app that controls your home automation system, and with Nice/ELAN’s award-winning interface, this is exceptionally easy.

There are countless ways to optimize and automated aspects of your home, from setting schedules for lighting, controlling your thermostat, and much more. And once you have it set, Nice/ELAN keeps things running smoothly, on schedule, and responding to your needs, making your home as functional as it can be.

With Nice/ELAN home automation, you’ll be able to have control over as many aspects of your home as you’d like, whether you’re right there in your living room or far away on a business trip or vacation. Just think of the added convenience that you get from being able to turn down the volume on your home audio system, dimming the lights, turning down the temperature without having to walk room to room to do it. Nice/ELAN can personalize lights to go on and off at set times, have the temperature warm or cool at certain times of day, greet you with your favorite music when you return home, turn things off when you forget to, and more.

You won’t ever have to come home to a chilly house because you forgot to set the thermostat — you can control it while you’re gone. Nice/ELAN can heat the home to your desired temperature in time for your arrival and respond to your command from away if your arrival time changes.

From your smartphone from virtually anywhere, Nice/ELAN gives you control of the devices and connected systems in your home. You’ll enjoy the convenience of knowing your home is set to what you’ve deemed is the optimal schedule, and that you can make updates in an instant should you decide to change anything. It’s that easy!

2. It Makes Your Home Safer

There are many home automation benefits to help make your life easier, but perhaps none are more important than making you feel safe.

Home automation with Nice/ELAN adds to the security of your home and your family, giving you peace of mind knowing everything at home is safe and sound.

For example, you can monitor your security cameras and have them notify you of any unusual events at home. Let’s say you’re away on business and want to check in and see what your house-sitter or kids are up to – you’ll be able to have a live view through your Nice/ELAN surveillance cameras, from your phone, no matter where you are.

Your Nice/ELAN app can also alert you if your security system senses a breach, an attempted entry, or even suspicious motion around the perimeter. You can even get alerts for possible water or gas leaks or other situations that might require your immediate attention. This allows you to get someone over to check things out as soon as possible and avoid disaster.

On a more basic level, you can check to make sure your doors are locked and windows are closed, or check to see if you remembered to close the garage. You won’t have to rush home if something is as it should not be. You can close the garage door right from your Nice/ELAN app or lock the door if you think you may have forgotten. If you have a dog walker come over at a certain time, you can schedule your doors to unlock with a custom code upon their arrival and lock after they have picked up the dog.

Having an automated home eliminates the stress that comes with feeling like you forgot to turn off the oven or lock the door. Just pick up your phone, check, fix the problem right there if there is one, and get on with your day.

3. Improve The Energy Efficiency Of Your Home

When you automate your home, you will inevitably make it more efficient. You can set a schedule to turn off systems and devices when you don’t need them or remotely power them down. Your Nice/ELAN system gives you greater insight into how to make your home run more efficiently by showing you your usage statistics.

Armed with this knowledge, you will learn where you can save, with full control over your thermostat, lighting, or other household appliances that tend to be energy-hungry. For instance, your air conditioner doesn’t need to be running when no one is home. With your Nice/ELAN home automation app, you can schedule your AC to turn on shortly before you or your family members arrive home, ensuring that your house is at a comfortable temperature when people arrive, rather than running all day and burning up unnecessary energy.

Your Nice/ELAN system can learn your preferences and suggest the most energy-efficient settings to use throughout the day. You won’t have to worry about wasting energy, and your new energy efficient home will help give you peace of mind.

4. Save Money On Your Utility Bills

As you may have guessed, reducing your energy usage will directly impact your utility bills as well. Not only are you helping the environment by using less energy, but you will also have the added benefit of saving money because your home is using energy more efficiently.

In fact, you may not have to wait long at all to see this benefit — if you optimize your home’s energy usage right away, you could see savings in the very first utility bill after your system has been installed. No longer will you waste money by having your air conditioning unnecessarily run all day or from forgetting to turn off the lights. Your automated home will shut them off for you and have them on when you’re actually home.

And the savings don’t stop on your utility bills — consider also that you will no longer have to make trips home to turn something off, or let your kids in when they get out of school and forgot their key.. Having an automated home can reduce your stress and make you more productive. When you know everything is running smoothly, the added convenience helps you to optimize your own time. Add in the benefits of installing smart lighting and automated shades, and your utility expenses will be optimized.

5. The Added Control Gives You Peace Of Mind

Having more control over the features and devices in your home is a benefit in itself, but consider also the peace of mind that having that control brings. No matter where you are, you can check in on what’s happening in your home at any time.

Having remote control over your home from any distance gives you added convenience and peace of mind. You can adjust the temperature on an especially hot or cold day before anyone gets home. You can check if you forgot to lock the door or turn off the oven.

You can see who’s at your front door any time the doorbell rings. You can make sure only what you want to run is running at any given time. Your home will be fully optimized, efficient, safe and sound. Of course, adding to your peace of mind.

Any time you suspect something is amiss, simply pick up your phone, open the app, and check. Make adjustments right then and there. Check in on your kids and make sure your dog isn’t up to mischief. You’ll worry less and have more time to do the things you want to do. Watch our video where we walk you through these benefits!

Ready to automate your home? Contact your local Nice/ELAN home technology expert to personalize your Nice/ELAN home automation system!