Top 5 Reasons to Step Up to the Leader in Business Control Technology

July 28, 2021

We gathered the top five reasons your business should use the Nice/ELAN® control platform. Our award-winning single app interface is first up in our blog series! Nice/ELAN control enterprise solutions are optimized for an array of business and educational environments with the industry’s only single-app solution. Connect, control and collaborate at a moment’s notice with one touch. Share ideas across the office, restaurant, campus or the world. Keep your company productive, safe and comfortable at all times.


  • One common interface across all smart and Nice/ELAN devices
  • All subsystems are pulled into one – no more jumping from app to app
  • So simple, everyone can use it instantly without training
  • Personalize company settings such as manager controls, automate open/close hours and more
  • It’s one touch to connect and collaborate with teams via video conferencing at home, across town, or anywhere in the world
  • Increase communication, productivity and safety


The Nice/ELAN system has won various awards including CEPro’s Best Product, CEDIA’s Best of Show, TechHome’s Human Interface of the Year, ISE’s Top New Technology and a special recognition from Connected Design.

Click here to read more about our single app interface. Check back soon for part II of the series!