What is Home Automation?

Matthew Bail | July 19, 2018

Whether you're looking to modernize and increase the value of your home, or simply make it as technologically superior and efficient as possible, home automation offers an unrivaled level of functionality and safety to make your household a true “smart” home. And it’s no longer the way of the future — home automation is happening now, in the present, and it’s a system that is readily available to anyone who wants it.

So, if you’re interested in automating your home, continue reading this post to understand the ins and outs of home automation, as well as the many reasons you need it in your home.


So… What Does Home Automation Mean?

It might appear that home automation would be easy to define as a way to control your home. While this is true, there are as many aspects of home automation as there are lifestyle needs of individual homeowners.

But let’s start with the basics.

Home automation involves connecting and automating the various systems, features, smart devices, appliances, and activity in your home by way of electronics. While each homeowner will have different goals for home automation, the smart home technology in the ELAN Entertainment and Control platform makes any home automation dream possible.

Through home automation, you can have full control over your lighting, smart appliances, heating and air conditioning systems, ventilation, windows, security cameras, video and audio entertainment systems, the locks on your doors, and more, all through a central ELAN controller. Your fully automated home will have a number of connected smart features within the house, and your ELAN dealer will listen to your needs to personalize your home automation system to fit your lifestyle.

Some may consider home automation as synonymous with the “Internet of Things,” meaning you use individually smart devices in the control of your home. But this “Internet of Things” is actually an “Islands of Things” unless these smart devices are connected in one, seamless network, as with an ELAN system.

Connecting and automating the systems and devices in your home with ELAN enables you to have everything pre-set to run on a set schedule. This personalization can include time-specific commands — for example, if you’d like lights to turn on or off at specific times every day — as well as non-scheduled events, where actions can be triggered by certain events or conditions, such as a security camera turning on if it detects motion or the window shades closing when the TV is turned on in the afternoon.

The more you understand the inner workings of your home and the applications that you can connect to your network, the more you can personalize your home automation. Your home can really be as “smart” as you want it to be, responding to schedules and events that will enable it to run seamlessly on its own, with minimal human interaction.


How Does Home Automation Work?

The specifics of what your ELAN home automation system will do depends entirely on what you and your ELAN home automation professional identify as the items important to your lifestyle, but they all come back to the same source — the ELAN controller and your home network.

Your automated home will be accessed through the ELAN remote, on-wall touch panels and even your smartphone. And your ELAN system connects to the Internet, enabling you to control the systems and devices in your smart home anytime, from anywhere in the world. So when you go on vacation or a business trip, you can still check in on your home to make sure things are running optimally, quickly check in and see what your kids or pets are up to while you’re away from house, or even unlock the door for house guests visiting from out of town.

With your ELAN home automation system, you will also have a wide range of information about your home, from your energy usage, to live video camera feeds and video saved on your network video recorder, to what time family members come home, or who arms the security system.

When you log in, you’ll immediately know what’s going on in your home — are the lights on? Are your doors locked? What is the current temperature inside? Did you turn down the heat, or turn off the A/C? Are any windows open? The possibilities are nearly endless. And if you have security cameras installed as part of your network, you can take a peek into your live feed and see what’s going on when you aren’t there.

Your ELAN system will send you notifications should anything require your attention. For instance, if there is a weather alert, security breach or even someone at your door, you’ll be alerted immediately. You can also get notifications for regular, daily events, such as when the dog walker arrives to pick up and drop off your dog, when your kids get home from school, etc.

You can do more than monitor these situations too. You can also make changes directly from your phone should you find something not to your liking. You can reset the thermostat, adjust the lighting, disarm or enable the security system, or deactivate the irrigation system if the weather suddenly turns to rain.


What Can I Control Through Home Automation?

Now that you have a better idea of what home automation is and what it can do, let’s discuss in a bit more detail what components in your home you can control with a home automation system.

While every home automation installation can be personalized for different services and functions, the commonality is that ELAN will provide you with the opportunity to monitor, control, and schedule the devices in your home from anywhere in the world. But as far as what you can control through your ELAN home automation system, the possibilities are limitless.

The simple answer is that you can control anything that can be connected to your network. For most homes, this will include any devices that have on and off switches, such as lights, electronic locks, or features that have open and closed modes, such as your security system, doors, and windows.

Services and functions you can monitor and control through home automation include your lighting, thermostat, appliances, fire and carbon monoxide detectors, electrical outlets, heating and cooling, irrigation, window shades, locks, audio/video, security and video surveillance.

You ELAN home automation system will also eliminate the need for all of those remotes for the different components of your home theater system and all those apps on your phone controlling those “smart” devices. Remember the “Islands of Things?” ELAN connects them all. You can control your TV, audio system, cable box, streaming service, and more through the same ELAN home automation system that controls your lights, shades, climate. This will eliminate the many manual steps that come with powering everything up and down, and will also help you to optimize the performance of your system.

Having access to your thermostat while you are away is valuable should the indoor or outdoor conditions change. For example, if you have plants or pets at home, you can make sure the temperature indoors stays at the right level to keep them comfortable. You can program settings so your thermostat that will react accordingly should temperatures rise or fall to certain levels. You can also make changes manually should you receive a temperature notification.

One common in many ELAN home automation installations is with your home security system. You can receive real-time alerts if there is a security breach at your home, ranging from a break-in or trespasser, to a water leak or sudden rise or drop in temperature. If you have security cameras installed in your home, you’ll be able to take a live look inside and see what’s going on. You can even set your ELAN system to take pictures or record automatically when it senses movement.

What you control is up to you, but ELAN home automation allows you to optimize your home to be as energy-efficient as possible, creates a more secure home, and gives you the convenience of being able to control all of these components through a single remote, in-wall touch panel, or with an app on your smartphone or tablet.


Home Automation Isn’t New, It’s Now

Despite the technology involved, home automation isn’t some complex algorithm that you’ll have to learn and understand. ELAN is quite simple to operate and will make your life much easier. It may sound futuristic, but is very achievable now.

Though it might seem like home automation has only just emerged on the scene, ELAN has been connecting smart homes for over 25 years. And some of the more basic items in your home that have been “automated” for years, from common household appliances like microwaves, to remote controls for your TV, to the home thermostat – are all aspects of simple home automation.

You probably hadn’t even considered these items to be examples of home automation because they have become such a huge part of our daily lives. While these basic elements of home automation listed above have been around for a while, ELAN ties them all together, and makes your home not only automated, but truly smart.

With ELAN home automation, the features of your home will be entirely personalized to your preferences, and perform when and how you want them to with the touch of a button or voice command. With the ELAN mobile app, you’ll have this control from anywhere. Pretty cool, right?

ELAN gives you seamless control over the devices and features in your home, delivering exceptional convenience and a much smarter, fully connected and higher-functioning home. ELAN home automation will add a level of convenience to your daily life that you have never before experienced, while simultaneously saving you money.

Home automation is not the way of the future, it’s the present, and ELAN makes it easy. Your world, made simple.

When you’re ready to look further into installing home automation in your home, your nearest ELAN dealer is ready to help. Find an ELAN dealer near you and design a home automation system personalized to your lifestyle.