Whole Home Automation For The Price Of A Universal Remote

Matthew Bail | December 8, 2014
Press Release

The new Nice/ELAN® g1 makes the award-winning Nice/ELAN Home Control Platform available to every homeowner on any budget.

PETALUMA, CALIFORNIA, December 8, 2014 – Whole home control from the convenience of a hand held remote is now a reality through the new Nice/ELAN® g1 Controller from Core Brands’ ELAN Home Systems. Offering a wide variety of home control functionality, the Nice/ELAN g1 sets the standard for low-cost, entry level home control solutions. Nice/ELAN has been making the easiest-to-use, yet most powerful home control solutions for more than 25 years, and this is the brand’s first entry into the sub-$1,000 control market. That means for about the price of a new TV, users can gain complete control not just to their televisions and home theaters, but to their entire homes.

ELAN g1 Controller

The Nice/ELAN g1 lets homeowners use a single handheld remote control to manage up to 16 zones of security, two electronic door locks, an audio/video receiver with up to 32 connected TVs, up to 24 lighting keypads, three thermostats, three IP surveillance cameras and up to 16 groups of irrigation. With Nice/ELAN’s deep experience in home control, the system is designed to be fully expandable to grow with any user’s home or budget.

Everything comes in one package, including the main controller, the remote and several accessories that installers can use to maximize the system’s functionality. While using the system is as simple as using a TV, Nice/ELAN only offers the system through certified professional technology integrators. This provides users with a g! system personalized to their needs. No two users are the same, so working with a professinal integrator allows owners of homes, apartments and condos to maximize the value of their system and ensure smooth operation for years to come.