Cliffside Ireland Home Uses Nice/ELAN® Products for Entertainment


With just a few taps on the touchscreen remote, our clients can direct any of their music sources to any, or all, of the audio zones, plus have instant volume and pause functionality. They love it, and we hope it inspires more homeowners to consider how home automation can improve their lives.”

— Patrick Morrissy| HiTech Homes


Utilizing in-ceiling, bookshelf and outdoor speakers, Hitech Homes installed a six-zone audio system that’s controlled through an Nice/ELAN HR10 Handheld Remote control or via the Nice/ELAN Mobile App on their smartphone. It offers the homeowners a fast, easy way to switch between music sources, to adjust volume in various audio zones, and to utilize sources including a vinyl turntable and the latest Autonomics high-definition music streamer.

“While building their new cliff-top dream home, our clients realized they had the opportunity to drastically improve the quality, reach and accessibility of their beloved music collection,” said Patrick Morrissy, sales and marketing lead at Hitech Homes. “Both homeowners are audiophiles who simply love listening to music, so they wanted to integrate every source available and make it easy to listen to in any room.”