Management Cloud

What is Management Cloud

We are excited to introduce you to the evolution of the intelligent home remote management. This entirely new platform will provide you with full visibility over all of your deployments and provide full control of every element from anywhere in the world from a single management point so you can proactively delight your customers. As it evolves, starting this year, it will integrate with other products and platforms in the Nice North America portfolio to help you expand your business with that same simple, yet elegant flexibility you’ve come to know from Nice/ELAN


  • Visibility: Single pane of glass from from which to see all intelligent home deployments
  • Control: Drill down to manage Control, AV distribution, IP Networking, Surveillance, Security, Access Control, and other industry leading IoT devices
  • Simplicity: Centralized configuration, programming, backups and easy access to 3rd party drivers
  • Proactive Support: Easily access status and alarms, and take support action before end users’ experience is degraded


Apply for a Management Cloud Owner Account

Key Features of Management Cloud


New, Modern Application

New, responsive application makes it easy to move between locations, devices and utilites.

Real-Status Monitoring

Not just online/offline status but detailed status of a system component to help target a response.

Rename Your Controllers

Rename controllers how and when you need to and avoid a request to Technical Support.


Advanced Administration

Refining access rights for all of your users in all of your locations is just a couple of clicks away.

Advanced Administration


Global Search

Search for clients, locations including devices & drivers, docs & downloads.


Integrated Support Options

FAQs, Knowledgebase, Video Tutorials and Support contact information.

Get Started


Step 1:  Apply for a Management Cloud OWNER Account

Management Cloud​ is only for Authorized Nice/ELAN Dealers, Distributers and Developers (API Partners)

Owners of the company or their proxy can APPLY for an account.  Once your account has been approved you will receive an email to verify your address, and a subsequent email containing your temporary password. Once signed in, an Owner can add employees (Users) to the account, so please not submit multiple registrations requests for the same company.

Apply for a Management Cloud Owner Account

Step 2:  Download and Install the Management Cloud Application

A link to the application installer will be included in the invitation email. Windows 10 required.

Step 3:  Log in, update your password and start exploring

See user guides and video tutorials for details.


Management Cloud Resources: