Elegance in Encino, CA


ELAN System Fully Integrated in Highly Sought After Encino Neighborhood

With an incredible view of the San Fernando Valley, Bonobos’ ‘Sloan’ project features a fully integrated ELAN system and a patio ripe for entertaining or watching the sunset.

Photos of the property don’t even do the stunning scenery justice. With views of the San Fernando Valley that look straight out of a movie, the builder of this home wanted the technology of this home to match the beauty of the area around it so the homeowner could get the full experience of their luxury living.

“Our favorite part about the home is the fact that every time you see it from the outside you must double take and look again. It has an INCREDIBLE view of the San Fernando Valley,” said Roni with Bonobos.

The sleek, modern smart home boasts several different ELAN products, from panels to thermostats, lighting plus media and pool controls. Those living in the house can utilize all the controls to customize and tailor their home specifically to their preferences. Bonbon says the key products, though, were the panel and the SC100 controller.



We always choose ELAN and only ELAN because of how smooth the system operates, and how reliable it is! ”

— Roni| Bonobos