Complete Home Entertainment Systems

One-touch control for all your entertainment needs

Nice/ELAN reinvents home entertainment with complete control and unmatched convenience. A single, elegant interface lets you enjoy consistent experiences across multiple devices. Personal, scalable, simple. Whether your entertainment is in one room, throughout your home, or even outdoors, Nice/ELAN makes it easy with our complete home entertainment systems.

Audio and Video

Nice/ELAN offers virtually limitless options to deliver your content while remaining elegant and effortless to use. Whether you’re selecting different media for each space or playing your favorite sound throughout your home, Nice/ELAN’s home entertainment system makes it easy.

While the movie watchers are immersed in a total home theater system experience, your favorite music can fill the family room or the evening news in your study. Multiple TVs can likewise be linked, playing independent content in each room, sharing the same media, or any mix in between. No matter what speaker package you’re looking for, we have a sound system that is unique to your needs. New with Nice/ELAN 8 – group media zones on-the-fly, instantly personalized to your needs.

Home Theater Entertainment System

With Nice/ELAN’s home entertainment system and smart home controller, a single touch turns your media room into a total cinematic experience. Surround sound system? No problem. Sound quality? We have you covered. Grab the remote control and sit back and enjoy the show. We have the ultimate home theater setup that is sure to wow you and your guests.

Outdoor Entertainment

Taking the party outside? Our complete home entertainment systems will help you do exactly that. Just bring your Nice/ELAN smart home remote control or mobile device. Friends can take turns controlling the music or sound system without having to dash inside. Multiple tvs? Nice/ELAN’s complete home entertainment system is made to accommodate just that.

Pair your Nice/ELAN home entertainment system with award-winning speakers from SpeakerCraft to experience satisfyingly full sound quality while enjoying the fresh air.