How Nice/ELAN® Helped One Sports Bar Step Up Their Game


Louisiana Dealer Helps Sports Bars Step Up Their Game

It doesn’t matter what city you’re in. There’s something to be said about a place where strangers can cheer on their team together or dole out some friendly competition against their rivals. A sports bar is a place for community, at its core. At Fat Pat’s Sports Bar, they know that to be true. But, when one of the employees at Acadania Security Plus stopped in for a bite — they realized in this wonderful environment, something was still missing, amazing AV! A simple conversation turned into an AV system upgrade for the team.

“Everyone is very happy with what we’ve done here,” said Acadania’s System Specialist, Richard Smith. “They’re pleased their system is cleaner and more organized, and on top of that – easy to use.”



Using Nice/ELAN control products has really worked in our favor. We’ve been able to create a reputable collection of equipment that works well, our staff can use it and it’s trusted.”

— Richard Smith| System Specialist, Acadania Security Plus