Sistema di automazione domestica intelligente della leggenda della NASCAR

NASCAR Legend Takes Control

After racing stock cars for more than 30 years, NASCAR legend Mark Martin has learned that flawless performance requires a perfect blend of functionality, adaptation, reliability and speed. When he’s racing at 200 miles per hour there is no margin for error or equipment failure. At his home, however, he spent nearly a decade dealing with a frustrating control system that never performed as it should and required constant troubleshooting. It got so bad that he was ready to give up his dream of having a simple home control system that just worked, until he saw the ELAN Entertainment and Control system.


“I hired Ryan Heringer of Sound Concepts to remove my old system and simplify everything, but when he showed up at the house he said I needed to see the ELAN system before giving up. He showed me his iPad with the ELAN g! app, and right away I realized that this was the type of system I had wanted all along. I was still a little hesitant because of my experience, so we started by only integrating the AV, surveillance cameras, garage doors and the driveway gate.

Now we’ve added HVAC and will likely continue to add more features as we’ve done at our home in North Carolina.”

Managing multiple properties from a single app is a great feature, but there was one major part of the system that Martin wanted to be sure of before expanding it to all of his properties – it had to be easy to use!

“I’m not a tech wizard by any means, but I know how to use an iPhone, so with the ELAN g! app I can operate my shade, HVAC, lighting, door locks, driveway gate and more. That’s one of the reasons we started out small at the Arkansas house. If we thought it was difficult at all we wouldn’t have expanded that system or installed additional systems. Honestly, it’s so easy to use that I can’t imagine someone not being able to master it quickly. “I’m not a tech wizard by any means, but I know how to use an iPhone, so with the ELAN g! app I can operate my shades, HVAC, lighting, door locks, driveway gate and more.”

-Mark Martin, NASCAR Legend and ELAN user




Possiamo accedere ovunque ci troviamo e vedere cosa succede in tempo reale. Tra il sistema di sicurezza e le telecamere, non siamo mai a più di pochi tocchi di distanza da casa nostra. Il sistema ELAN g! ci aiuta a rimanere connessi e a non preoccuparci".

— Sarah Huff, Homeowner and ELAN Customer