Luxury Yacht Sets Sail in Style


We wanted this experience to be like no other, so we really pushed the envelope of the Nice/ELAN control system, doing things we’ve never done before.”

— Ryan Heringer| Sound Concepts, Nice/ELAN Elite Dealer


The moment the owners of Quintessence step onto their 70-foot luxury yacht, an assortment of expertly designed and installed technology from Nice North America brands is there to make their stay as comfortable, convenient, and enjoyable as possible. Like a digital deckhand for today, the smart systems ensure that their every need is met, whether that means fully securing the premises while they’re onshore exploring, streaming the perfect playlist to high-performance speakers during a sunset cruise or searching the seas for the perfect fishing location.

Sound Concepts, an Nice/ELAN ELITE Dealer for decades since 2003 and led by Ryan Heringer and his team, knew the ropes. With most necessary components on hand and the prewire design handled in-house and completed by an outside firm in Taiwan where the boat was being built, Sound Concepts was able to focus on some very trick automation features.

“It’s an unconventional configuration, but they ended up sounding – and looking – great,” said Heringer. “Things like facial recognition and voice control that are also tightly integrated with many of the boat’s navigational systems all came together under the aegis of the Nice/ELAN smart system to create the ultimate luxury yachting experience.”