Minnesota Couple Searches for Simplicity with Nice/ELAN Control Systems


Managing this huge home is about as simple as it could possibly be, thanks to our design and integration of the Nice/ELAN Home Control System. Looking to the future, the owners can add almost any new technology because Nice/ELAN is designed to be future-proof and is continuously updated for compatibility with the latest consumer technologies.”

— J. Becher & Associates


Large homes sometimes require a full-time staff to perform domestic chores and assist the owners with daily tasks, but a newly renovated 10,000-square-foot residence in Medina, Minnesota shows that nearly every function of modern home life can now be controlled and automated through the ELAN Smart Home Control System.

“When your dream home has more than 100 light switches, 12 TVs and 48 zones of audio, the only way to effectively manage it all is with a full home control system,” a J. Becher & Associates representative said. “It would be incredibly stressful to try running a home that large without modern technology or full-time help, and even communication could be difficult without an intercom system. These particular homeowners were familiar with the Nice/ELAN system from their previous home, so in the new one, our focus was maximizing simplicity and functionality without damaging the aesthetics.”