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As our partner, you now have access to a vast portfolio
of smart home & commercial solutions.

Nice + Nortek Control are Stronger Together with a powerhouse portfolio in the smart home & commercial segments. You now have a competitive advantage to offer customers more choices and options for incorporating ELAN Control Systems products. Learn more about how these brands work together below.

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ELAN Control Systems products work with…


The award-winning 2GIG EDGE works exclusively with ELAN Control Systems to allow full control and monitoring of the security system.


Seamlessly integrate SpeakerCraft speakers + subwoofers with ELAN Control Systems and it’s award-winning IP Multi-Room Audio System for a user-friendly control experience at home.

Nice Sunshade Solutions

Nice sunshades are a smart solution to control your climate and protect your home. Both elegant and effective, Nice sunshades allow natural light to be adjusted based on each person’s individual needs.

A Nice World


Nice loves the Earth and prioritizes sustainability in their solutions with environmentally friendly materials and innovative ways to conserve energy.