Outdoor Smart Home Automation

Backyard Theater System Brings Creativity to the Community

Larger and larger outdoor entertainment systems have been on the rise in recent years, and California is naturally one of the most robust markets for serious smart technology installations. Smart home products that are voice command enabled and have the capability to take outdoor entertainment to the next level are just one of the many reasons why Nice/ELAN is the perfect solution for you. Smart home ideas have been taking off because of the voice command features, ease of use, and seamless integrations across every smart device. One homeowner in Southern California has raised the bar for summer cookouts by thinking pretty far outside the box and turning his outdoor living space into a nearly-commercial level amphitheater with a custom-built 220-inch motorized projection screen (18 feet!), 20 speakers, fully automated landscape smart lighting and a performance stage with 10 inputs that connect to a mixing board inside. If this smart home system weren’t enough, there’s also a 15-foot-tall LED-lit sculpture of a question mark intended to indulge meditation in the front yard. Each smart light bulb is uniquely positioned to capture the essence of this unique sculpture. These home automation ideas will get your wheels turning!

“This is one of the coolest backyards I’ve ever seen, let alone designed and installed,” said Justin Brees, owner of electronics integration firm AM House. “Between the custom-made Vutec projection screen (like a smart tv on steroids!), the super-bright 3600 lumen Optima 1080p projector and the Niles speakers and Nice/ELAN smart home controls, it’s more like a commercial entertainment space than a backyard. Having a stage to hold performances and play them throughout the entire property was a really cool idea and we were able to make it all very simple to operate with the Nice/ELAN home automation system.”

The family controls this backyard theater system through the Nice/ELAN g! mobile app on a connected device like iPhones and iPads, which allows them to set the home automation lighting for the six landscape zones, the volume for the eight indoor zones and five outdoor zones, and to control up the spa and projection system. This smart home technology is all about ease of use. It’s about as simple as it could be, and that was a core requirement for the project. After all, a party space this cool makes you want to have fun, not tinker with settings and knobs all night. So say hello to a smart assistant and other integrations that will give you the complete outdoor smart home theater.



I absolutely love the automated functionality that unifies every room of the home.”

— Homeowner, Santa Barbara, CA