Next Level Luxury: San Diego Condos' Technology Shines Downtown


Next Level Luxury: San Diego Condos’ Technology Shines Downtown

In a city where the sun almost always shines, and the ocean waves are mere miles away from most – it’s no wonder San Diego boasts a life of luxury. High-rise apartments and condominiums line the sky downtown, and among them you’ll find the Pacific Gate condos. 

Inside the building, the goal of Nice/ELAN® control systems dealer, AbsoluteAV, was to match the luxurious life San Diegans look for when they live in the city. With full automation proposed for each of the 215 condos, units were wired for complete surround sound and music and touchscreen panels were installed to provide easy control of lighting and shading. Homeowners had the chance to add more features if they so choose. All the equipment necessary to run it is neatly tucked away in an easily accessible closet or underneath the living room TV. 

ELAN technology is accessible no matter where you are inside Pacific Gate. Each condo was given a 7-inch Nice/ELAN touch panel on the wall. Common areas feature state-of-the-art control with Nice/ELAN touch panels in various spaces, including a theater room, a gym and community lounge. Music is easily adjusted and played on the pool deck or in the lobby. 



This was a massive undertaking and launching moment for us, and today it’s nice to have one of the most luxurious buildings in town be such a key foundation and part of our business.”

— Daniel Craig| AbsoluteAV