7 Button Single Gang Keypad-White

The gKP7 is a wall-mounted keypad interface to initiate your most frequent events through your g! controller with seven programmable buttons. The KP7 uses minimal power, which it receives over Ethernet (PoE).


It’s not too big, and definitely unassuming, the Nice/ELAN gKP7 puts simple to use power where you need it. The gKP7 provides the end-user with valuable back-lit control that always works, never runs out of batteries, and does what it says at a price that fits any budget.

The gKP7 was designed to aesthetically match the Nice/ELAN Lighting 7 button keypads. It offers five completely programmable buttons and two raise/lower buttons with flexible functionality as well. Depending on your needs, the five function buttons may be used as mix and match programming using the g! Configurator to be used as a media favorite preset. In addition, it can be used to execute a lighting scene, act as zone/system off, or to execute an Event Mapper automated event while the bottom two raise/lower buttons may be configured to either operate zone volume or lower and raise a lighting scene or shade group. As with most things complex when using the g! Configurator interface personalization is simple and efficient.

As a media interface, the gKP7 dedicates to one zone and allows the end-user to conveniently store & recall; stations from any g! supported two way tuner, playlists from an Nice/ELAN g1 MP3 player, channels & playlists from premium streaming content devices (Autonomic, LMS & Sonos), as well as access & initiate playback from legacy sources like CD players. All the end-user has to do is use a touch panel interface to access the desired media and then press and hold the Favorite button to store. Recalling is as simple as pressing the Favorite button.

For lighting you may assign a gKP7 button to any system lighting scene. Pressing the button executes the lighting scene and lights the buttons back-lighting. The LED is turned off by Event Maps attached to any other scene.

Event Mapper puts the power of automation at your fingertip. The gKP7 buttons may be programmed to do virtually anything when programmed by an Nice/ELAN certified technician. Want to turn off the lights, shut the blinds, and set back the thermostat? No problem. The Event Mapper even allows you to control the LED state for accurate feedback.

The lower two buttons may be programmed to either lower and raise a specified zone or a group of lights assigned to a specific scene.

The gKP7 ships with white buttons and bezel, and also includes ten extra buttons for your convenience. Light almond (gKP7BK-LA) and black (gKP7BK-B) color change kits are available and include bezel and all sixteen buttons included with the white gKP7. Custom button engraving is available from our authorized vendor,  Laser Engraver Pro


  • 7-button backlit keypad
  • Four favorite channels plus volume up
  • POE for single wire hookup
  • No programming required – plug and play operation with Elan Software
  • Custom engraveable buttons
  • Gangable with any 1g device
  • Comes in white with optional black or light almond bezel kit
  • Note: Decorator trim plate not included


Dimensions: 4.12” x 1.75” x 1.24”
Mounting Depth: 1.75”
Button type:Contact type buttons
:5 individually capped
:2 shared for rocker capping
:5 individually controlled white LEDs for backlighting
:2 shared control white LEDs for backlighting
:1/100/1000 Ethernet
Connections: LAN/ PoE RJ-45
Power Requirements: PoE (Power over Ethernet) EEE 802.3at, 13w maximum draw (@44 V 350mA max

Available Separately:gKP7BK-LA – Light Almond color change kit
:gKP7BK-B – Black color change kit

Other Specifications

Shipping Info
  • Length5.4 (Inches)
  • Width3.8 (Inches)
  • Height3.2 (Inches)
  • Weight0.55 (Lbs)
  • Unit of MeasureEach
  • UPC844039012821
  • Master Pack Qty20


2 Year Limited Warranty.