New hardware version shipping now with IntelliVision Advanced Analytics!

The EL-IP-OTF2-WH IP is a 2MP turret camera with back light compensation and enhanced IR illumination. ELAN Discovery enables it to be provisioned in an ELAN Surveillance system with just a few clicks.

The EL-IP-OTF2-WH IP turret camera – enabled with ELAN Discovery – is idealfor variety of outdoor applications, including the doorway, backyard, front
driveway, soffit, and eave, but is less intrusive than a bullet camera. Turret cameras don’t have the spider web-attracting qualities of a bullet
style, nor the IR reflection issue of a dome type of cameras. Turret cameras can be installed both vertically and horizontally, and enable easy
angle adjustment after installation. The ELAN turret camera (EL-IP-OTF2-WH)offers the same high-quality imagery of the dome, but is free from IR reflection.